Month: November 2018

Is It Okay To Give Sex Toys As Gifts?

Have you ever thought of gifting someone sex toys? Well, most of us haven’t. When we talk about sex toys, the first thing that rings in our mind is that it’s a personal item. It is no doubt a personal item but it can surely serve as a great gift item. In fact, all kinds of sex toys make a really good present and this applicable for both men and women.

But before you think of gifting sex toys, you need to know the rules. After all, you wouldn’t want to offend anybody. The best thing about sex toys is that it is great for all types of people. Whether it be your shy best friend or an inexperienced friend, you can gif it to anyone you want. But of course, it definitely comes with some rules.

If you are thinking of gifting sex toys to your friends or someone …

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