Chasing the Gift of Sexual Fulfillment

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What is the meaning of sex? What is sexual fulfillment? There are so many questions floating around and not many answers. Many people have a distorted image of how things should work, which often leads to relationship problems. So, let’s take a look at some of the issues that are quite common in our society and ways to overcome this struggle.

What Does It Mean to Have Sexual Fulfillment?

To have sexual fulfillment means that the person is completely satisfied with their sexual lives. The reason why this is important is that sexual satisfaction is a gift. A couple in a relationship will most commonly agree to be exclusive, which means that they will have intercourse with each other only. That means that they expect their partner to meet their sexual needs and leave them happy and content. Naturally, this applies to both partners, and for many, it is one of the most critical aspects of a relationship.

We Changed the Meaning of Sex

One of the main problems for us as a society is that we have significantly changed the meaning of sex. Now, we are not talking about body parts and which one goes where. It is more about the emotions that follow.

Many people view sex as a competition. They try to get as many partners as possible, which often leaves them unsatisfied. Furthermore, many people believe that sex and the Olympic games are synonyms, and it seems they try their best to reach the finish line before their partners. As a result, it will lead to general dissatisfaction.

Many individuals see sex as a game. They disregard other people’s feelings, and it usually ends with someone being hurt. Moreover, too much porn can create a false image and distorted idea about how things should work. While we’re not saying that pornography is harmful per se, it is essential to know the difference between a scripted sex scene and real-life and real human emotions. Sometimes, pizza delivery is just pizza delivery, and sometimes your step sister is really stuck in a washing machine.

We Chase One-Night Stands

The next problem you might have noticed is the need for one-night stands. Instead of trying to build something that will last and make you proud, people try to seek a shortcut. One night-stands are nothing but a temporary fix that delays the whole issue until the next day. Instead of focusing on eliminating the problem, a person will try to postpone it indefinitely. Or just shove it under the rug. In theory, this sounds perfect. But in reality, things are a bit more complicated.

People love living fast today — they desire every little thing without waiting. We have the entire knowledge of the humankind hiding just a few clicks away. Many see relationships as too risky and too complicated. You will need to invest not only time but also yourself, and there is a high chance it will backfire.

All of us had terrible relationships. You invest so much of yourself into it, but the other person just doesn’t feel the same. It’s devastating. But it’s part of life. Instead of giving up and seeking temporary fixes, you should focus on what matters. Interestingly, committed sex can be much better than anything you’ve experienced with casual and random sexual encounters.

Quality Sex Requires Time and Effort

Do you know how they say that good things come to those who wait? Well, it is quite similar. If you want quality sex, it requires both time and effort. That doesn’t mean that you and your partner need to train like Rocky before becoming the masters of sex. But emotions play an essential role, and those emotions are what will make sex incredible.

When you don’t care about a person or are attending a wild party, you can do anything. Or that’s what people believe. They think that high-quality sex requires hanging from a chandelier, sexy clothes, forbidden holes, and many other things seen in porn. But time and effort go towards your partner and your relationship. As you grow closer together, understand each other and all the feelings involved, everything will become better.

Don’t try to find a quick fix or someone willing to try wild things. Casual sex and one night stands can have consequences for your future relationships and may cause problems. The smart thing would be to find a person with whom you’ll be able to change your entire life, not just bodily fluids.

How to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Imagine going on stage in front of thousands of people, and you are King Lear. They expect a masterpiece, but you don’t know your lines — or at least you think you don’t. That is what sexual performance anxiety is. People believe that someone expects something, and they are unable to satisfy their partners.

Once you get in a real relationship, all of the reasons mentioned above can play a role in sexual anxiety. Furthermore, men often think whether their penis is big enough or if it’s the right shape and whether their partner will like them. Because we believe that there is an ISO standard for body parts, our self-esteem can often plummet. Moreover, men aren’t the only ones that can experience anxiety of this type, and it is something women go through as well.

So, how to overcome it? If you are in a relationship, you should relax and leave your past behind. None of us is perfect. We all have flaws, and not many people look like models on Fashion TV. But our partners are still with us. Instead of wondering what drove them to this silly decision, you should accept that they are there and want to be with you.

In real life, people don’t really care about penis or bra sizes. And even if they do, it is not as often as we think. So, if the person makes you feel special and great, you will love them despite all their flaws. Over time, you will find yourself enjoying all those little imperfections because that’s exactly what makes them unique.

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