Our Team

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Jane Michaels, 46


We call her the mother of all gifts. She can literally wrap 5 gifts per minute, that is why we love her! She is a single mom from New York and runs her own gift shop business. Since she has mastered all types of gifts for all occasions, she helps people through this site to pick the perfect gift.


Jonathon Nelson, 22


He may be the youngest in our team but he has the oldest soul. He is responsible for giving you pieces of advice for when you need to give classic gifts. Watch out for his content and you will never regret it.


Samantha Grey, 24


She is our amazing all-around assistant who gets the job done. Did we mention that she is the most resourceful researcher ever? Yes! She can find the rarest and cutest presents that people will love when looking for that perfect gift!


Mike Kingan, 36


Oh, Mike! Everyone needs a Mike in their life! He loves giving gifts and he loves pointing out our mistakes, but we still love him. He just makes sure that all the contents we publish are of the highest quality.