What Should You Buy for a Single Mom

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The Perfect Gifts You Can Give to a Single Mom

Being a parent is difficult. It’s hard work. Back in the day, when you came home from work, you’d put your feet up and relax. Now, there are little devils running around, causing chaos every two seconds. You get to rest only when you’re asleep.

If that’s difficult for you, imagine what it’s like to be a single parent. It’s impossible! Single moms are miracle workers. They have to take care of their children and earn enough money to sustain a family. And they have to do all of it on their own. What can you do to help?

Well, a gift is always nice. It makes them aware you’re thinking of them, and it might just make their day less stressful. So make sure it’s something handy. So, what gifts can you give a single mother? Don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas. Let’s check out what our choices for perfect gifts for a single mom are.

A Day Off

When you’re choosing a gift for a single mom, the number one factor should be how helpful it is. Sure, flowers are beautiful and a nice gesture. However, they’re just another thing they need to take care of on their own. Instead, do something that’s going to help her deal with her hectic schedule, even if it’s for a day.

Giving her a day off is a wonderful gift idea. Obviously, you’re probably not her boss, so you can’t send her home, but there are things you can do. For instance, why not take care of her kids for the day. You can babysit them yourself if all parties are comfortable with it. Or, even better, you can hire a nanny for a day so that mom can relax and have some time off.

This gift can also include a house cleaning service, as you can pay someone to do the laundry and vacuuming for her. It’s not a gift to write home about, but she will be extremely grateful.

Me Time

From time to time, we all could do with a bit of dedicated “me time.” It’s a perfect way to run away from your duties, your job responsibilities, and all the work you do at home. You can just escape for a moment and be stress-free while you relax your body. If you enjoy it, imagine what it would mean to a single mom who simply can’t afford the time to do it on her own.

This can be an expansion of the previous gift idea. Get her a babysitter and give her a gift coupon for a spa day. Give her a chance to enjoy a day without having to think about her kids and her job. A spa day could be anything of your choice. It could be an actual spa or a simple mani-pedi treatment. A massage is never the wrong choice. Even an aromatherapy session could be great for her. Ideally, you can try and find out what she would prefer of the above and get her that.

If you’re feeling rather generous, and you are positive she would be okay with it, you can consider a complete makeover.

If you don’t know how important me time is, read this article.

Intimate Toys

Now, this one can be a bit of a conundrum. It’s crucial that you read the situation correctly. If your giftee, so to speak, is a colleague that you talk to once a week, then going for a battery-operated gadget such as a vibrator may not be a good idea. Imagine someone you barely know comes up to you and says, “I know exactly what you need,” only to whip out a 12-inch rubber menace. It’s important that you’re close enough to this person (i.e., an old friend) so that she is okay with it. Otherwise, it’s going to be a mess and not the one you want.

But, if you feel like you know her well enough to do so, a toy sex toy could be amazing. Single moms don’t really have the time to please themselves. The harsh reality is, they rarely go out, and as a result, they don’t meet new people. A toy might be a great idea to help her release some tension at the end of a particularly exhausting day.

A Kitchen Accessory

As you can see, all of the gifts above have a practical value to them. It’s all about making her life easier, even if for just a day. That’s why we finish this list with perhaps the most practical advice. Remember, you’re buying for a single mom. When she’s not working, cleaning, and looking after her kids, she spends her days in her kitchen. After all, there are mouths to feed, and she’s the breadwinner. What you can do to help her is getting her an appliance that would help her. With a proper accessory, she can make some meals with ease. Or, maybe she’ll just cut her kitchen time shorter.

For instance, you can buy her an instant pot. It’s a multicooker that you can program to cook the meal for you. You just set the timer, put in the values (i.e., the temperature, pressure level, etc.), and let the cooker do its job. You can also go for a blender so that she can make homemade juices and smoothies for her and her kid(s). An espresso machine wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

If you don’t know which kitchen tools or accessories to give, see this article from Popsugar.

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