Why I Decided to Stop Receiving Gifts From Anyone

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Many, especially children, love holiday seasons. But this time of the year can also be quite tiring and stressful. You need to find a gift that is equal to the hypothetical gift you’ll receive, and it needs to fit someone’s personality and needs. However, what happens if you don’t want or need any gifts? How do you politely say no to gifts? Here, I’ll show you the other side of the coin and why a “no gifts please” rule might be a good thing for you.

Friends Are Generous, So They Would Give a Lot of Gifts on Every Occasion, Especially Christmas

Friends can be extremely generous, they love exchanging gifts, and sometimes, they don’t even need an occasion. But what happens when you are not in the position to return the gift, i.e., give them a gift of the same value? It happened before that I was out of work, and I received a beautiful present. There was no way I could buy anything that nice for them, and it was stressful.

I know that this person didn’t expect anything in return and that they just wanted to do a nice thing. However, this is not always the case. If you buy something small and symbolic, that can be great. But you will probably feel bad if they give you an expensive gift nevertheless. Similarly, you want to avoid them feeling bad in the opposite situation.

The Problem With Gifts

Showering someone with gifts, love, and attention can backfire as well. The reason is more than obvious — people receive gifts they don’t need all the time. I received tons of things I honestly don’t care about, and they are just collecting dust now. I know a couple of people that still haven’t unwrapped their gift because they don’t need the thing inside.

We live in the age of consumerism, and most people will buy the things they need. If you need a blender or a new shirt, you will simply buy it. I know I will. So what can you get to someone that they will actually use?

I started hating the idea of having so many items around my house that I don’t use, and I decided to put an end to this problem. This way, I am the only person who controls what I get. I lead a minimalist lifestyle, and it solves so many problems.

How I Told My Friends That I Want to Stop Receiving Their Gifts

The answer is — I was honest. That is the most important part of every relationship. Naturally, I had to choose my words wisely and consider their feelings as well. I have so many friends that love Christmas due to the fact that they can buy gifts for other people. They enjoy spreading joy, and I knew it would break their hearts.

However, you need to do it so both you and your friends can feel better. I explained that I had so many things around my house that I didn’t need. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know me as a person or that their gifts are bad. It’s just that I don’t enjoy owning so many things and like to be in control of what I have. So try explaining how you feel and that your decision doesn’t mean you don’t love them or care about their attention and dedication.

What Do I Do Instead?

Many of you might think by now that I am a true Grinch, but I don’t hate Christmas. I don’t mind other people exchanging gifts and enjoying the process. I still love the whole Christmas spirit and joy that comes with it (even if it’s without snow).

So what I do instead is try to help someone in need. Instead of spending money on useless items that no one will use, you can donate to charity. This way, you will keep the spirit of Christmas alive, and your house will be mess-free.

What Does This Give Me?

Satisfaction, joy, and happiness, at least to a degree. Some of you might think that donations to charity are still some form of a gift, and you’re right. However, the gift goes to someone who actually needs it. They won’t keep it just out of courtesy.

The best thing about it is that you’ll feel fulfilled. I know I do. Not only will you be helping someone else, but you will also get a bonus of decluttering. I firmly believe that it is so much better for someone to actually use the gift. So if you feel like it, follow my lead and simply redirect gifts to someone who will enjoy them and adore every single Christmas season.

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