Easy DIY Gifts for Your Special Someone

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The expansion of consumerism has made us all somewhat lazy and inert. Shopping malls seem to be popping up like mushrooms, which comes as no surprise, seeing how practical they are. You have everything you need in one place — clothes, footwear, accessories, bookstores, and even food. In the manner of simplifying the shopping process, we have relatively recently got gift shops as well.

While their existence is not bad per se, it has robbed us of the creativity of choosing thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. That is, it brought even more comfort to the already lazy and inert society. 

Ironically, there are so many gift shops, yet people somehow wind up getting the same generic presents.

The solution is simpler than you may think — it lies in your own hands (and mind). Stay tuned and learn how to use the creativity you have been neglecting. You may even get a few DIY ideas of your own.

Why DIY Gifts?

Imagine getting the book you have always wanted to read or the dress you have been eyeing for Christmas. You would consider the person giving you such a great gift very thoughtful. You would think that they must know you rather well.

Now imagine getting a DIY Christmas gift, such as a scrapbook or a photo collage. Not only would you know that the person giving it to you is thoughtful — you would also realize that they spent some time making it.

Given that you care for your special someone, you want your gift to represent your love for them. You want it to let them know that you truly know them. Although their favorite author’s latest book would certainly gladden them, it would not make for a unique gift. 

A DIY gift, on the other hand, is personalized, and that is what makes it special. It shows that you put thought, time, energy, and effort into it. Moreover, it makes for a beautiful memory (unless it is edible).

However, not everyone has DIY gift ideas up their sleeve. In an attempt to be crafty, some people wind up like Monica and Chandler — giving each other a sock rabbit made by a friend or a mixtape they received from an ex-girlfriend.

That is why this article exists, and that is why you are here. In the following lines, we will give you several creative ideas and awaken your imagination.


Even though it may appear juvenile, a scrapbook is among the most personal gifts there are. It can reflect the whole relationship you have with someone. If your special someone (or your friend or a family member) is a romantic soul, they will be thrilled to get a collection of your mutual memories.

Making a scrapbook is the best (and the easiest) way to kickstart your creativity. You just need to reminisce about your moments together and put them on paper. Whether you write short stories and poems or make collages, your artwork will make for an attentive and above all unique gift.

In addition to your shared memories, a scrapbook can contain the lyrics of a song they like or a picture of their perfect vacation destination. For the final touch, decorate your gift with ribbons, beads, or glitter in their favorite color.

Knitted Goods

Instead of going to a store and buying a sweater or a scarf, why not make one yourself? Such a gift is not only unique — it is also practical. Moreover, few people know how to knit, so if you are one of them, you can rest assured that your present will be among the most original ones your special someone has ever received.

You know their style, their favorite color, and you are probably familiar with their wardrobe. Use your knowledge and your talent for your advantage and amaze them. Nowadays, everyone dresses similarly. The expansion of consumerism has almost uniformed us all, so your significant other will be glad to stand out.

In case, however, you do not know how to knit, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that can teach you how to do it. You will be able to make a blanket or an infinity scarf within an hour, and you will not even need needles.

Photo Collages

A photo collage is essentially a scrapbook with photos. If a photo tells a thousand words, imagine a story you can tell with a collage. That is an excellent idea if you have a history with the person you are making a gift for. However, in case you have only recently met each other, you will have to put it on hold until you can gather enough material.

Although a regular scrapbook takes more time to make, a photographic one is nothing less special. It is the perfect way to preserve your worthwhile moments together. It is also fairly easy to make — all you need to do is collect your mutual photos and decide whether you want to make the collage in the form of a frame or a poster. You can also add photos of places you have visited together.


Candles may seem like another generic gift. However, you cannot know how unique a DIY candle can be until you make one. The list of options is almost endless — you can craft a scented one, a water one, and even turn a figurine or a toy into a candle.

A homemade candle is one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend if she is romantic. Whether combined with a beautiful candle holder or on its own, it will make your candlelit dinners into a fairy-tale.

When it comes to crafting, you will not need a lot of material or specialized knowledge. Countless video tutorials are explaining it step by step. Even if you do not have a clear idea of what kind of candle you want to make, they will inspire you. Here’s a very useful guide in candle making from  Spruce Crafts.

Homemade Soap

If your special someone loves to receive cosmetics as a gift, here is your chance to give them a homemade soap. Use their favorite scent and colors to make a personal cosmetic product. Let your imagination wander — experiment with different shapes until you craft the perfect gift. 

In this day and age, when there is an artificial equivalent of almost everything, natural cosmetics are quite popular. Instead of buying a product at a drugstore, and investing no time in the gift, learn the skill of soap making and give your significant other something good for their skin.

In case you want your gift to be a set, you can make bath salts as well. If you store them in a mason jar and put both items in a gift box, your set will be as good as the ones made by popular cosmetic brands, only more personalized and thoughtful.

Creative Mugs

Is your special someone a passionate coffee drinker? If so, you can make their mornings a little less stressful and a lot happier. They can start their day with you even when you are not around.

Giving a mug as a gift is nothing new — gift shops are filled with mugs with whimsical photos, clever quotes, and fun drawings. You can take the idea and make it your own, though. You do not have to make a mug from scratch. After all, this is an easy DIY gift guide, with an emphasis on “easy.” However, you can buy a mug and decorate it your way.

This is probably the easiest gift to make on this list. The idea is yours — the actual work is done by someone else. All you need to do is select a photo that will appear on the mug when hot liquid pours into it and choose where to have it printed.

Baked Goods

We all know that the path to a man’s heart leads through his stomach. The same goes for women — we all like to eat, especially if we do not have to cook the food ourselves

If you are seeking an idea for cheap Christmas gifts, look no further than your kitchen. Your significant other will be more than happy to receive a basket of baked goods from you. Not only is such a gift delicious, but it is also appropriate for the occasion — everyone used to leave cookies for Santa under the Christmas tree.

You do not have to be Martha Stuart to make an edible gift that is also pleasing to the eye. There is an abundance of recipes both online and in the printed form, and you already know what your special someone’s favorite pastry is.

Final Thoughts

However appealing a local gift shop may seem, there is nothing in there that can reflect your love for your special someone like a homemade gift can. Make something you know will speak to them and craft a gift card to add the final touch. 

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