Easy DIY Gifts for Your Special Someone

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Don’t we all love to make our partner’s happy? We definitely do. Nothing is better than arranging a DIY gift which speaks for itself. DIY which stands for ‘Do it yourself’ is a personalized way of making something. So, when it comes to our partners, nothing stands out more than a gift which has been made with love. A DIY gift goes well with all situations be it for their birthday or as an anniversary gift. Here we will mention some of the easy DIY gifts that you can give to your beloved.

  • Scrapbooks:

Yes, we are going to recommend you to make scrapbooks for your beloved. It may seem that the idea is only made for teenagers but it is far from the truth. Nothing stands out like a scrapbook which contains memorable pictures and writings about your feelings for them. There are plenty of online videos which tell you about making the scrapbooks in different styles. Always, try to add personalization in the scrapbook that you make. Scrapbooks are great as you can make one for your partner irrespective of their gender. Try to use as many photos as you can as it makes the gift livelier.

  • Knitted Goods:

No, we don’t think that you are old, but there is nothing better than knitted goods. Do you remember the warmth of the sweater which was given by your Grandma? If yes, then it is time to provide the coziness to your partner. The best thing about making a knitted piece is that you will learn a new skill in the process. A scarf or a sweater works wonders and it is a bonus if it is in the favorite color of your partner. There are tonnes of videos on the internet which will help you to make a knitted item without any problem. If you are short on budget, go for a basic choice of wool and the minimum number of tools which will help you to knit the product.

  • Photo Collages:

Every couple has some special moments that they capture as memories. They often become sentimental when they have a look at the various pictures. One of the best gifts that you can prepare for your beloved is a photo collage commemorating your love for them. If you have been in the relationship for a long time then you will have photos from different periods of your courtship. If you are new in love you can include as many happy pictures that you can find. Photo collages can be made in different styles. It may come in the form of a phot box where you include several pictures or you may take a photo frame and arrange the picture. To have a rustic look, you can choose to paste the photos on cardboard and write about your partner. Think out of the box while making the photo collage.

  • Candles:

Nothing can be as classic as a candle. Rather than picking one up from a generic candle store, think about making one yourself. A candle helps to relax and you can also use it to set the mood of your beloved.  is an easy art and you can choose to buy a DIY kit which will let you make nice candles. Make sure to know about the fragrances that are preferred by your partner. You do not need to spend a tonne of money on the supply. One of the bonus things about making candles is that you will get to make a whole stock for them rather than giving them a single piece. We will advise you to get some quirky heat safe mason jars in which you can pour the candles. Do add decorations to your candles to make them extra appealing. You can even attach labels to the container to make them personalized.

Here’s a guide in candle making from  Spruce Crafts

  • Handmade Soaps:

Have you seen your partner lurking in the handmade soap section of the departmental store? Even if you haven’t we can guarantee you that your partner will love to have handmade soaps. It will be a lovely gift for them if you choose to make the handmade soaps. These days you get to buy DIY kits of the handmade soaps or you can choose to make one by using a recipe that you can collect from the internet. Go for the most basic recipe and one that is without any color. But choose the essential oils carefully as it should match the taste of your partner. As you are going to work with lye, be careful with it. You can even add herbs to your batch of soaps. To make it more interesting, make some personalized labels for the soaps that you will give to your beloved.

  • Creative Mugs or Cups:

Most of the adults like to start their morning with a nice cup of coffee or tea. To do that they will need a mug. So, if you want to give a gift to your beloved, then think about opting for a DIY mug. Yes, you wouldn’t need to construct the mug, you can easily get a blank one online or in an arts and craft store. You can definitely decorate it to enhance it and personalize it. There are numerous things that can be done on a blank mug. You can add draw on it with the help of a sharpie or cover it in glitters. Another option is to water marble the mug with the help of nail polish. You can find several such projects on the internet and choose one that you seem to like. Do follow the steps carefully so that the design is permanent on the mug.

So, here are some DIY gifts that you can make for your beloved. When you are giving such a gift, always think of adding a personalized note or a letter to make things better. We are sure that your special someone will be happy to get a gift which has been made by you. Do remember to have a lot of fun when making the project and give it all the love you have for your beloved.

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