The Best Gifts For Your Single Friends

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Giving a gift to someone isn’t just a thing we do out of obligation. It’s one of the ways we show love to people we care about. That’s why we’re putting so much effort into choosing the perfect gift for them — we want them to like and appreciate it. 

And finding the right present for someone isn’t as easy as it seems — we need to know them enough to know what they want and need. But also, we want to go with something original that will surely surprise them. Also, we want to send a message that says we care about their needs and interests. But luckily for us, choosing a perfect gift today sounds less like an impossible mission because we can look for tips and ideas online!

The Culture of Gift Giving

The primary purpose of gift-giving is to show people we love them and care about them. That way, we let them know we appreciate them and that we’re grateful for having them in our lives. There are many occasions where we can let others know how much they mean to us by surprising them with a gift. 

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are perfect opportunities to buy something special for people we care about. The average American spends from 15$ to 25$ for each present they buy on these occasions. However, gift-giving doesn’t have to be reserved only for certain days of the year — any day is perfect for making a loved one feel happy, cared for, and appreciated.

But the thing is not every gift will say — I love you and I wanted to make your day. Every person is unique and wants to feel that way. They want to see that the gift they received is chosen strictly and carefully for them. So, it’s important to keep in mind the interests, wishes, and needs of the person we’re buying a present for. Also, you want something original they don’t already have. 

And for those reasons, choosing a perfect gift can be really hard sometimes. But luckily, you still have a variety of options. In today’s world, you can find an amazing gift for anyone!  And if you’re looking for a gift for a friend who happens to be single, here are some ideas. 


In case you’re buying something for a person who loves to read, a simple book will be an amazing gift. If your single friend is passionate about literature, you don’t even need to think much about what to buy them. When it comes to people who love them, books are just the right present on almost any occasion.

So, they may be a perfect solution if you’re looking for great but cheap Christmas gifts or birthday presents. But choosing the right book isn’t as easy as it seems. You may need to spend hours looking for the perfect one. 

Thus, you should take a look at the bookshelf of the person you’re buying this gift for. Or, even better, you can ask them about their favorites if they haven’t told you already. And the internet too can be of great help in this situation. You can use apps like Goodreads to search for books that your friend may like, based on the ones they read.

Gym Membership

Let’s say your friend often complains about wanting to start working out, but being too lazy to begin. In this case, the gym membership as a gift may be the perfect solution for both of you! It’s a unique, affordable, and useful present to give. 

And by giving this kind of gift, you’ll show your friend you’re willing to help them. They’ll know that you listen to what they complain about and that they matter to you enough to offer them a solution. Besides, a gym membership will help them improve their health, quality of life, and general well-being. 


When we were kids, everyone wanted to get a gift box with a puppy or kitten inside. You can make this childhood dream come true for your friend by buying them a pet as a present. That way, you’ll definitely make their entire life much happier and more exciting.

Pets are amazing gifts for single friends of yours, especially if they feel lonely. No one can feel upset and sad when there’s a pet that constantly shows you love. And you’ll also allow them to care for and dedicate themselves to another living being, which can mean a world to them.

But before choosing to give a pet as a gift, note that some people don’t have time or money to handle this responsibility. And if this is the case, you can still go with animals that don’t need constant care, like a goldfish or turtle. 


Piece of clothing is always a good idea when you’re choosing a gift for someone. And given that you want to pick the right size, shirts may be the better solution than trousers. Besides, everybody wears shirts, and we always have enough room for one more. 

Also, you can customize the shirt, especially for your friends. There are some amazing DIY ideas you can consider when you want to get an original present for someone. And one of these ideas is a printed shirt! You can draw, color, or write something yourself, and have it printed on the shirt. And even though it’s unique, this gift is still simple and affordable!


If you have a bit more money at your disposal, you can always go with a perfume. It’s an amazing gift for almost any occasion, especially for a female friend of yours. So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for her, a perfume may be the best choice. It’s a feminine present, but better and bigger than nail polish or make-up.

That doesn’t mean that perfume isn’t an appropriate gift for men too. They use them and love them just the same. But no matter if you’re looking for a male or female perfume, you still need to pick the right one. And in case you’re far from being an expert, you can always consult someone who is. 

Gift Cards

And if you’re not willing to take any risks whatsoever, there’s always a simple gift card. This present is very useful, and most people would appreciate receiving it. Instead of choosing the wrong clothes, you can give your friend a gift card for their favorite shop. 

That way, you’ll allow them to have fun while shopping, and at the same time buy the stuff they like. You simply can’t do it wrong when going with this sort of gift. And if your single friend is a fashion enthusiast, they’ll absolutely love it.  

Video Games

A video game can be an amazing and original gift in some cases. Gaming is something we all do in our free time to have some fun and take a break from reality. So, if you know your friend loves to play, you don’t have to look further.

Some people don’t play video games at all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy them one as a gift. Maybe you used to play video games together when you were kids. So, for example, you can surprise them with the one you two liked the most!

Video Streaming Service Subscription

The best and most unique gift is often the simplest one. You don’t always need to look for complicated DIY Christmas gift ideas or tutorials for making an original birthday present out of a piece of paper. Sometimes, you can just go online and spend a couple of dollars on something anyone would appreciate — like a video streaming service subscription. 

Websites like Netflix and Amazon offer us a bunch of movies and series we can watch whenever we want. And who doesn’t like binge-watching?! No matter how simple it seems, this gift is still quite original and also very useful.

Concert Tickets

You don’t always need to choose something tangible as a gift. Sometimes, allowing your friend to have a nice experience is an even better option. People also enjoy spending their money on events they wish to attend. So, here’s one amazing idea — get your friend a concert ticket!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the concert of their preferred musician. But of course, you should keep in mind what type of music they like. In case there’s a gig you know your friend would like to attend, this can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

And it will be even better if you buy yourself one ticket as well. That way, you get to have some fun and spend quality time together. So, this gift actually says a lot and sends a message you enjoy spending time with your friend. And every present is meant to show a person that you know them, love them, and care about them. 

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