Is It Okay to Give Sex Toys as a Gift?

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We all want to find a perfect gift for someone we love, and we all want it to be something unique and unusual. That way, we can surprise them and make their day. But still, we don’t want to take too much risk. So, we opt for something appropriate for the occasion and the person we’re buying the gift for.

But sometimes, taking risks can be better than getting the same, simple gifts all the time. And there’s one gift in particular that no one receives every day — sex toys! They are an unusual, useful present some people would love to get. However, this type of gift can be too intimate. Because of that, you should think about several things before heading to an adult store to get a sex toy as a gift. 

Sex Toys Can Be Too Personal

Choosing a perfect gift for someone can be a real challenge. And there are various factors to keep in mind when buying something for people you love. No one likes to get a gift that says: I just wanted to get done with it. 

When you give something to someone, you do it to show love and appreciation. And for that reason, you want them to like the gift you bought them. When they accept the present with joy, you feel good about yourself because you made them happy — and that was the whole point!

So, when choosing a perfect gift for someone, you need to know what their interests and needs are. Also, you want to buy something appropriate. Going with something too expensive, too small, or too personal isn’t always the best idea.

And for all those reasons, sex toys can be the best or the worst gift ever. Sex is something most people are interested in, and it’s also a basic human need. On the other hand, everything surrounding sex is intimate and personal. Some people can’t even talk about it without blushing. So, before buying a sex toy for someone, you should think if they’d even feel comfortable with receiving such an intimate gift.

Who Are You Buying For?

Most people enjoy sex and like trying out new, exciting things. But at the same time, most would feel embarrassed if forced to share that information with you. Some are simply more comfortable with talking about sex, and others see it as a taboo. 

And it’s important to always respect people’s boundaries. Doing something you know would make a person feel uncomfortable, no matter what your intentions are, is simply disrespectful. So, sex toys as gifts are reserved for people you know are comfortable and open about sex in general. Shy and reserved people would probably prefer something less personal.

But, you should also keep in mind what type of relationship you have with the person you’re choosing a gift for. Sex toys may not be the best gift for your mother or boss. However, they can be just what you need when you’re buying a gift for your wife or best friend.

There’s still one more problem you can face when buying a sex toy for someone. You can’t know for sure if they already have the toy you chose to get them. People rarely talk about their sex toys collection. And even when they do, they can always forget to mention every single one they have. For that reason, it’s a good idea to ask the person if they’d want sex toys as a gift. 

How Well Do You Know the Person?

Buying sex toys for people you don’t know well enough doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong. If you know they would be okay with it, why not? But still, intimate gifts are most often reserved for those we have known for quite some time. 

And these people are usually the ones we can talk about sex with. So, if you’re not sure if you should buy sex toys for someone, here’s a simple test — ask yourself if you can talk about sex with them. In case you can and feel comfortable during that kind of conversation, you can go with sex toys as a gift. 

You’ll also face fewer difficulties when deciding what to buy if you want to surprise someone open about sex. If you had a detailed conversation about sex with this person, you’d know what interests them the most. 

So, when you keep in mind all of these things, it’s obvious why sex toys aren’t the right gift for everybody. But it can still be the best possible choice for some people. Also, not every occasion is appropriate for giving sex toys as a gift.

When Is It Appropriate to Give a Sex Toy as a Gift?

No matter what type of gift we’re talking about, the occasion itself plays an important role. You won’t choose the same type of gift for someone for their birthday and for their wedding. And given that sex toys are a personal kind of gift, they aren’t appropriate for every occasion.

For example, choosing sex toys as a wedding gift may not be the brightest possible decision. It’s usually way too personal and inappropriate. On this occasion, you’re buying a gift for two people. And unless both of them are your best friends who are extremely open about sex, it’s better to go with something simpler. 

On the other hand, sex toys can be an amazing birthday or holiday gift. In most cases, they are exciting and unusual, so they can make you stand out as a good gift giver. And some people you know would be very amused and happy to receive such a gift for a Christmas or their Birthday. 

There is also one holiday that may be the perfect occasion for giving sex toys as gifts — International Women’s Day. On March 8, we celebrate the women’s right to be independent and have equal rights. That means that International Women’s Day may be a good occasion to remind women you love and know well that they have the right to feel absolutely comfortable about having a sex life. 

Another amazing occasion for giving sex toys as gifts is a relationship or wedding anniversary. This day is a perfect opportunity for surprising your loved one with something beneficial for your sex life. A sex gadget is a type of gift both of you will have fun using. But only in case you know for sure they want to try out something like that!

Choosing the Right Toy

Before you search for a “sex shop near me” on Google, you may want to do a little research first. There’s still an important decision to make — which sex toys to buy. Adult stores have plenty to offer, and you should think about what exactly this person wants and needs. And that means you should try to figure out some things about their sex life.

For example, it’s essential to keep in mind how experienced this person is. Also, you should know whether or not they like anal and oral sex, and if there’s something specific they’re interested in. In case they don’t like anal sex or lack experience, you shouldn’t give them a huge butt plug.

It’s also convenient to learn about other things, like — what’s their favorite color? Sex toys come in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. And you want them to see that this gift is chosen carefully for them. But obviously, the most crucial factor is the gender of the person you’re buying a sex toy for. And luckily, there are amazing toys for both men and women. 

Sex Toys as Gifts for Women

When you’re choosing a female sex toy for a friend, you have plenty of options. And if you want to go with something basic, there are toys like clitoral stimulators or bullet vibrators. They are appropriate for almost anyone, and every woman would enjoy owning them.  Here is an article from Bustle to help you which sex toys to buy for your bestfriend.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gift for your wife, you may want to be a bit more careful. It’s important to show her you understand her sexual needs and desires well. For example, if she’s curious about pet play, you can get her tail butt plug. And when you’re buying sex toys for wife or girlfriend, it can be something both of you can enjoy using and playing with.

Sex Toys as Gifts for Men

Some men would certainly love to receive sex toys as gifts. And you’ll find there’s a variety of sex toys for men too. Again, you can go with both something simple and with something kinky, depending on who you’re buying for.

For example, a vibrating cock ring can be a perfect choice if you’re not willing to take risks. But in case you know the person you are trying to surprise likes to experiment, you can go with a male chastity device. Also, butt plugs and prostate massagers may be a great gift for some guys. These sex toys are great for helping men you care about reach mind-blowing orgasms. And nothing says “I love you!” like bringing someone to new levels of sexual excitement. 

Now, we know that it could get awkward buying sex toys, especially if you buy them from a store. You can go through this guide from Huffington before buying one.

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