The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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February is edging closer, and everyone’s in a hurry, trying to find the perfect gift for their lovers. Well, it’s nothing new. Every year we have the same old story about young lovers confused with what their sweetie’s going to like. Everyone is trying to be clever and original — it’s touching!

It’s great seeing people care for their other halves, bringing some joy and showing them they care. So how does an average person find the best gifts for men? What’s so cool, original, but not flashy that no one else has thought of?

Well, it’s kind of an all-around question, we’d say.

Don’t worry; it’s not like you’re trying to find a cure for cancer. There’s always room for an honest mistake, and there is no need to pull your hair, fuming for great gift ideas. We’re here to help — relax!

Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for Your Boyfriend

First, ask yourself some questions about your boyfriend. What’s he like? Does he love reading, or is he more of a movie guy? Maybe he’s both?! Is he a sports guy, or does he have artistic leanings? Of course, none of these things are mutually exclusive.

See, this situation is a blessing in disguise. It’s a silver lining of sorts, reminding you that talking and sharing ideas and interests are pillars of all happy and healthy relationships. It’s important to know each other well and what better way to do that than to talk.

Find a niche he’s big about. You’ve certainly talked about something more than pure chit chat to get you to the next base. You know, it’s a bit shallow if it’s only about sex, but that can also help you decide what to get him.


The first and obvious choice to point out in cases like this is — books! But not in the I-don’t-know-what-else-to-get way. A book of any kind (besides actually being useful) is a classic gift that will always be around.

So besides your classic genre stuff like horror or sci-fi, encyclopedias are great gifts that maybe offer something he didn’t expect. You know, it’s not your regular literature that you read once or twice and leave it on the shelf.


Wardrobe content is usually a risky gift to pursue. More often than not, people have rather different tastes in clothes and fashion. So, they end up missing the target completely. However, shades are another story.

Besides being cool and useful, sunglasses can tell a lot about a person. For example, if your sweetie is big on bikes and recreation, getting him a pair of fast-looking shades is surely a way to surprise him.

On the other hand, maybe he’s a bit of a hipster. In that case, you should go for some retro sunglasses, the kind you see in classic movies. And it’s easy to get a pair — these days all kinds of internet pages are completely devoted to similar content, so it won’t be any hustle.

Concert Tickets

Another great way to surprise your adorable man is to get a pair of tickets for a show. Whether they like this or that band or artist, it shouldn’t be hard to find tickets online while looking for a gig in your town or someplace nearby.

Of course, a pair of tickets! That is a lovely way to spend some quality time together and to maybe fall in love with the same kind of music. After all, we’re aiming here for gifts that’ll last forever and leave standing impressions.

Video Games

In some cases, your man might be a gamer. A unique gift for men who love PCs or consoles is to buy them their long-awaited title. In case they fit the profile, it shouldn’t be hard to find out what genre suits them best.

A great thing about video games is they tend to be on a discount quite frequently. Therefore, your darling’s favorite game might be out cheap. Of course, we’re not aiming to suggest you should wait for something inexpensive — it’s just that there’s a possibility to save some money.

Fitness Watch

But if you’re in love with a man not interested in spending time in front of a screen, playing video games, and who is more into sport and fitness, you should probably go for something more suitable — for example, a nice smartwatch.

Although gaining more and more traction, fitness watches aren’t your obvious choice of Valentine’s gifts. Such an odd and useful gift usually gets forgotten, and people go for some other ideas. But in case he’s all about a healthy lifestyle, check some links to retailer sites, and surprise him like never before.

Gift Cards

If both of you aren’t into materialistic stuff, there’s a solution — gift cards! Finding the right one might not be the problem, but thinking of what it’s going to say might. So in case you’re interested in such a gift, try relaxing and listening to yourself. That way, imagine what feeling you have about him and put them down on the card.

Try to be clever and incorporate some of your favorite lyrics — connect interesting ideas and concepts for him to smile when he’s reading the card. All in all, just be honest because it’s always the right way to go.

Sports Tickets

Similarly to concert ones, sports tickets are a great way to share a great experience. The memory will long after live inside both of you. So if he’s into sports, check when the next home game of his favorite team is. Don’t worry — in case you’ve never bought sports tickets online, all sites have a dedicated page to help you out. You can search for them on retailer sites meant for ticket sales. 

Also, check comments from other fans to see the best seats for the two of you. After all, every commenting section is there to dig the best info from other users.


But in case he’s a sports fan, and you don’t get tickets somehow, don’t despair. There’s a quick and effective solution here. Buy him a jersey of his favorite team and player.

Unlike other clothing options, with a sports jersey, you can’t go wrong. You won’t have to guess if he likes it or not, it’s the same jersey all fans wear. The only thing you’ll need to know is his size. Yes, the size of the shirts he wears.

But don’t forget, never go for the full kit. Firstly, he’ll never wear both pieces, and secondly, he’ll end up being a full-kit wanker, and that’s a bad thing. 


This one’s similar, albeit somewhat different — in he isn’t into wearing a flashy, colorful jersey, buy a hoodie! A top with a logo of his sports team, TV series, or a quote from his favorite movie. You can find all sorts of pages dedicated to such content both on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

Just be cautious of sites maintained by a third party — they tend to scam people for money. But hey — it’s hoodies we’re talking here. That is probably not going to happen. Just think of a cool pop culture icon or story he likes, and a shirt featuring it is bound to be online.

Grooming Kit

Since beards are so popular with guys nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise us your man has it too. And that’s great; we love macho, hairy guys all the same. But that’s beside the point we’re trying to make here. Namely, facial hair is an excellent inspiration for a perfect gift — a grooming kit.

These kits contain all sorts of barber gadgets and are cool little pieces of memorabilia since they come in very stylish packages. Not only will it be useful, but he’ll also think of you every time he’s trimming his beard. And that’s what you want from a man, don’t you?

Musical Instrument

Okay, we’ve maybe gone far this time in terms of budget, but not all instruments cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And if your boyfriend is a musician or of artistic leaning, you can find a beautiful instrument for less than a hundred bucks. It’s not like you’re financing his future ambition — you’re just trying to support their dream.

For example, you can always find a ukulele or a used classical guitar for him. Or if he’s not into string instruments, you can go for a cheap keyboard with just two octaves. They’re bound to be affordable, be it on a used instruments site or in an actual thrift shop.


Lastly, if all this talk about gifts and money made you think about your finances, there are good chances you’ve had the ideal gift in front of you this whole time. A cool way to show him you care is to get a nice leather wallet. Or if he’s anti-leather or something similar, it can be from any other kind of material out there.

Again, like with hoodies, it can have a nice motif from your favorite movie or show. Or it can be a band logo, you decide. Such content is created every day on all sorts of online pages. You can even look for editorially chosen products purchased by other people, in case you don’t have an idea.

It’s important that he’ll use it almost every day, making him think about you even when you’re not around. It’s more or less what you’d want from him, isn’t it?

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