The Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Engaged

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Finding the perfect engagement gift for a married couple to be is no easy task. There are a few factors that go into it, such as: is it really useful; is it going to be fun; is it affordable. And that is only the engagement gift! You still need to give them something on their wedding day too!

Many things would make an excellent gift, but which one should you choose? Which one would they want to own? How would you go about finding a unique and wonderful engagement gift that is also practical? Hopefully, this article will answer these questions.

Engagement Is Just the Beginning of a Long Journey

Preparing for the big day can be quite a stressful endeavor for both the bride and groom to be. A lot goes into it: from the venue, dress, suit, cake, reception, all the way to music and tiny details we often overlook. But the preparation can start before the engagement party. The party can be a good jumping point for you to try to and lend a helping hand for the big day’s preparation. An engagement party gift can fall into two major categories: 

  • It can be a funny or sweet gift.
  • It can be a practical gift that they can use to prepare for their big day. 

You should try to aim for the latter since the future happy couple would appreciate any help they can get. The former, however, is good to lighten the mood and remind the couple that their wedding day should be fun and joyful. That can be overlooked when someone is stressed out from planning. 

The first thing you want to do is decide which category your gift would fit into. If it is all fun and games, make sure that it suits both the groom and bride. If it is to be a helpful, practical gift, make sure that it is something that the couple would love, and something that they can use.  

That is why finding more information about what newly engaged pairs have to do to get the wedding day up and running would be useful. Sometimes the best course of action would be giving your time or helping them plan the engagement party if you can. 

Personalized Wine

A sweet gift (that could even be used by the couple to help them relax, making it also a useful present) is a personalized bottle of wine. That can be the wine that both of them like with a personalized message coming from you. You can wish them all the best, write a quote about marriage, or even come up with a nice joke. The personalized wine bottle is classy, but the note is what gives it personality.  

That would be a stand out gift for couples who love the aroma of wine and the power of words. Plus, they can keep the bottle if they ever decide to drink it. In this particular case, the words on the bottle will be more important than what is inside of it. That is quite rare for wine bottles unless the couple are wine enthusiasts — a drink of gods for a happy couple. 

Wedding Planning Book

A useful gift to help them keep track of their wedding preparations would be a wedding planning book. There are so many to choose from, though, featuring checklists, advice, and inspirational quotes. The latter can help them keep going in stressful times.  

Plus, if you want a more personal touch to their wedding planning book, you could try making it yourself. Or you can help them create and maintain it. That would be a nice touch as it would be personalized according to your friends’ needs and likes. Yes, buying it from a store or online is great, and lots of people do order them, but maybe going the more natural route would make your gift stand out from the rest. It is the thought that counts here, after all. 

Cosmetics Sets

Another thoughtful present could be a cosmetic set. Although these are usually targeted at women, it would still be sweet of you to buy one. Unless the husband is also into make-up, you may want to consider an equivalent gift for him.  

Cosmetics sets are quite big, and they are full of various items. That can be useful in that the bride and groom could save a bit of money not buying their make-up. Plus, it is easy to carry around, and they would be able to use it after the big event, so it would not be a one-off gift. 

If you are unsure of which one to get them, you can always select a gift card and let them decide.


Novels can be a must-have for those that love to let their imagination flow. Books are a great way to show the couple that you know them and their tastes, especially if you get a book in the genre of their picking. However, you may want to take a quick and sneaky look at their bookshelves when you visit before the event. You would like to get them something new, not a copy of something they already have.  

Self-help books can also be a great gift. Those can be about planning a wedding (not a wedding planning book, this is something different.) You may even opt to get them a parenting book that they can use in the future (or currently.) But, double-check if they plan on having children because if they do not, this type of book would just end up awkward. 

Gift Boxes

A fantastic way to spoil a couple is by procuring an engagement gift box. These come in varieties that cater to every duo:  from candy boxes for those with a sweet tooth to the more practical ones you can use as storage. 

However, if you are feeling creative or want to make sure you have the most unique engagement gift, you can make a gift box yourself. That would take time and effort, but you can give them what you know they want and use. A bit for the groom and a bit for the bride to make it balanced and useful. Gift boxes are popular at engagement parties because it is a present that keeps giving, pun intended.  

Bachelor/Bachelorette’s Party

Bachelor/Bachelorette’s parties also need to be planned. Even if you are not the best man or the maid of honor, you can help with this aspect by suggesting ideas or giving a hand. If the couple has mutual friends, it may be worthwhile to offer a joint celebration of sorts. There is so much that people can do to celebrate their last night before married life that does not have to be limited to the Hollywood cliches of strip clubs (unless they are really into it, go for it.) 

There are a bunch of ideas you can work it to make sure your friends have an unforgettable experience, such as: 

  • Camping
  • Road trip
  • Beach party
  • Yacht party (even better if you can offer a boat)
  • BBQ
  • Pool party
  • Music festival

Trip for Two

Couples that are preparing for a wedding are not concerned solely with the big day, but also with what they would do afterward, aka their honeymoon. You could offer help and agree to arrange and organize their trip for them. That would take a huge load off their backs, and you would have the chance to be the one to lead them on the first step of their life together.

Trips for two do not have to be expensive or extravagant. They can be what your budget allows them to be. Or maybe you have a holiday house by the coast that the couple can use for a few days. Additionally, you could offer to pay for a night in a fancy hotel in their favorite city. 

A trip for two could be more about connections than money too. Maybe you are lucky and know someone that has a hotel? Maybe you have one?! Or maybe you found a discount online, and you want them to make the best of it?

In Final Cessation

Engagement gifts are a good way to show that you care about the couple’s future. Getting the right gift will take a bit of thought and a lot of research, but the right one will go a long way. 

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