The Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Engaged

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Is your best friend is getting engaged recently? Then, you have a huge responsibility for gifting him/her something special. You can’t just give her anything usual. Buying something special is really a difficult task. You have to think out-of-the-box that will make her remind you forever. Personalized gifts are great options, but in this busy life, you may not get time for that. So, you have to think creatively what to gift. You are already quite busy in preparing the bachelorette party and other preparation for the wedding. Besides that, you should also be prepared to plan a special gift for your best friend. Read on to know more-

  1. Personalized Wine

If your best friend has a special love for wines, you can gift her favorite bottle of wine with your personalized touch. Make sure that the bottle has your name embellished on it. The benefit of giving wine to the recently engaged couple is that the gift is for both the bride and the groom. It will really be a classy gift and your friend will remember you forever for this. To make your gift, even more, happening how about gifting a pair of wine decanter with that bottle of ‘red love’? Go for it.

  1. Wedding Planning Book

Maybe your sister or BFF has just got engaged, but the wedding has time. This entire gap will be used for wedding planning. How about taking an active part in it? You can do that just by gifting her wedding planning book. Such a book will have lots of choices of wedding dresses, plans for wedding cakes, details of choosing a honeymoon destination, wedding decoration, and even the details of destination wedding if your BFF is having so. Are you not being a part of all these plannings because of your tight work schedule? By gifting such a book on her engagement, you can be with her always and she will thank you for that.

  1. Mind-Blowing Chocolate Boxes

Women love chocolates. If your best friend is getting engaged and she is upset as she had to move to a new city after the wedding, you can cheer her up with an incredible box of chocolates. There are varieties of chocolates available in the market. You can buy dark chocolates if your friend is health conscious. Chocolate truffles are really excellent to gift at engagement. If you want to be more creative, how about gifting strawberries, coated with chocolate and dressed like bride and groom? That will really be imaginative of you and it will make your friend or sister feel special on her special day in life.

  1. Aromatic Cologne

While buying cologne, you need to remember that justifies the personality of your friend. Is your friend a man full of responsibilities? Is he the alpha of his group, then buy him a citrus fragrance to enhance his trait. For a person who is quite jovial and friendly, you can choose lavender. Perfumes and cologne are one of the best gifts you can gift to someone who has just got engaged. You can go for the branded ones to make the occasion even more happening.

  1. Cosmetics Set

This is another adorable thing that you can give to your best friend. Women love cosmetics. And the wedding is near! She will need lots of makeup products which she can use afterward. You can give her a branded cosmetic set to make her happy. Know about her skin type and then gift it so that she can use it perfectly. Usually, a cosmetic set must have a concealer, foundation, eye-liner, kohl, lipstick, nail polish, and so on. Gifting cosmetics will make your friend happy if she doesn’t need to buy anything more for her wedding. Also, don’t forget to add a makeup remover into the kit.

  1. A Crockery Set

Your friend is going to begin a new life. She is going to need lots of essential things in her regular life. You can help her there. Gifting crockery set on her engagement is really something that she will always remind you whenever she will use it. You can gift her crockery set of glass and that will be really classy.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

This is again a great option to gift your friend. This is such a gift item that you can give to both your male and female friend. Save photos of you two and gift it. You will always remain in his/her heart. Also, your friend can add photos and make it happen.

  1. Books

They are the best gift you can ever give to any of your friend or family member. But, you need to make sure that the people you are giving books are fond of it. If your friend is a book-lover, you can buy his/her favorite authors. A set of the novel will be really pricy to those who are a bookworm. Know about his/her collection, and buy a new set for her. Today, you can also gift Kindle to such a friend who loves to read the book. Thus, he/she can read whatever they want.

  1. Aromatic Candle

A pair of aromatic candle is also a nice gift to those who are engaged just. Whenever they will light it, the beautiful fragrance will remind them of you. After a tiring day, the aroma of those candles will surely make up their mood. Also, aromatic candles can make your friends feel romantic.

Oprah has some ideas on what aroma candles to buy. Read them here.

  1. Handmade Cards

If your friend is too close to you, or it is the engagement of your brother or sister, you can gift them handmade cards. Let your imagination fly and also add your imagination into it. You can also add your feelings into a letter and hide it inside the card.

So, these are the amazing gifts that you can gift someone who just gets engaged. They are going to start a new life. You definitely want to be a part of that beautiful journey. Send your wish and love to them with any of these beautiful gift items.

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