What to Give Your Partner If He or She Already Has Everything?

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‘Everything’ is a really big word. Having ‘everything’ means one has all the earthly possessions in his/her collections. Now, that is only possible for the millionaires for the world. But, you live with a simple partner, right? He/she is the person to whom you are the most important possession of life. So, anything from you will be like ‘everything’ to him/her. Still, if we take that your partner is well-established and he/she can afford anything for him/her, getting something from you on his/her special days will fill them with utter love and happiness. No matter what he/she has in their collection already, they won’t feel bad to have another new thing to add to their collection. So, if your partner has almost everything that is usually while you think of gifting, you have to be a bit imaginative, creative and obviously, think out-of-the-box. What to gift your partner if he/she has everything? Read on to know more-

  1. Handmade Cards/Crafted Gifts.

Now, this your partner can’t have because it is exclusive. If you haven’t tried it before on your anniversary or his/her birthday, you can surprise your partner by showing your creativity. You will get lots of ideas on the internet and also you can think of something from your own. Bring papers, scissors, colors and other materials for crafting and create a beautiful card that he/she will possess forever. Not only cards, but you can gift your partner pen-stand or calendar, made by you. A calendar with the pictures of the best memories of you will always remind both of you about your happy days and you will know there are more to come.

  1. Cook Something for Your Partner

Is it your husband’s birthday? You can always make it special by cooking something that he always prefers to eat. Maybe in your busy schedule, you don’t get enough time to cook always. So, if you surprise him with all his favorite dishes on his special day, he will want nothing else. This plan is not only for wives but for husbands too. If you can cook, this is the best chance to create the oomph factor in your marriage that you miss after all these years. Surprise your wife with something special dish, prepared by you and see how she feels on the top of the world. You may not cook well, but your try will be worthy to her. You can also join a cookery class for a few months before her birthday to surprise her.

  1. Game Tickets for Your Bae

Your boyfriend or husband may have everything in life he wants, but have you seen his face when he watches his favorite team playing on the field? You must have seen him shouting for the team, but also regrets not getting the chance to watch the game live from the field. So, you can surprise him with game tickets. That will make him feel the happiest in the world and he will love you more for that. Do you know what will make him feel happier? It is you if you go to see that match with him and give him the best company.

  1. Concert/Theatre Tickets for Your Wife

If she can spend a day with you watching your favorite game, you can also arrange concert tickets or theatre tickets for her and watch it together, even if you don’t like it. Your wife is well-established and can afford all worldly possession for her alone. But, what she wants from you is your time. So, make time from your busy schedule and spend it with your beloved. See, how easily you also can forget all your stress.

  1. Book Vacation Tickets

You may have travel a lot, so how can you surprise your partner with booking a holiday trip? You can just by arranging an off-beat trip for you two. If you want to have a family trip, plan accordingly. You can also arrange a couple of trips only for both of you. If your partner loves adventure and thrill in life, you can arrange a trip to Amazon. For the trekkers, look for the best trekking destinations in the world. Make sure you put more importance on your partner’s choice of visiting places. Such a trip can eliminate all boringness from your life and you two can get back to regular life with rejuvenated energy.

  1. Antique Gifts

Yes, this is something classy and sophisticated to gift your husband or wife. If your wife is fond of classical music, you can buy a gramophone and records from the auction houses and that can be a precious possession to her. How about gifting your hubby a vintage car if he is a car-lover? Antique caskets, cases, manuscripts, jewelry boxes, etc. can be marvelous gift items for your beau. Besides, having such a precious object at your house will show your taste in antiques and also enhance your taste in sophisticated.

  1. Customized Apparels

You can buy dresses to each other any time, but if there is a certain personalized message on it, that will be unique. You can buy t-shirts with messages, like ‘Best Hubby Ever’, ‘You’re My Polestar, ‘Mr.  & Mrs.’, etc. for both of you. Whenever you two will wear it together, the message will get the complete meaning. There are lots of companies who create such customized options for you to choose on your t-shirts for printing.

  1. The Notebook

Is your husband is a volatile person? Does he never bring whatever you want? Then, it’s time to gift him a notebook so that he can write down your lists and bring as you say. You can be creative while gifting a notebook to your hubby. You can make it at home and gift him to surprise him. He can also write his thoughts on it.

  1. Books

If your partner is a book-lover, there is nothing better you can give your partner as a gift. And the most interesting thing about gifting book is he/she can’t have all the books published yet. You can give them their favorite author. If you are also a book-lover, present some new creation of new authors to know about the present trend in writing. Both of you can also discuss and criticize the book after reading it. That is the best thing you can do for your book-loving partner. Another amazing thing you can do for your partner. You can gift them a kindle so that he/she can read whatever and whenever they want.

  1. Beer

Summer is here and you need to make it cool inside your room. How about enjoying a personal beer party for your hubby? Gift him the best brand he likes and sees the glitter in his eyes. He will fall in love with you again and again if you gift him a crate of his favorite beer. But, make sure he doesn’t get out of control which may hamper his health.

  1. Arrange a Bar-b-Que Party

Want to make your girlfriend happy this summer? How about arranging a bar-be-que party with your friends in the backyard of your house? You can all have immense fun and it will be a great night under the stars. Arrange everything and include your girlfriend for shopping so that t can be a great experience together. Also, don’t forget to invite your BFFs to enjoy the night and have the maximum fun.

  1. Book an Appointment at a Salon

Your girlfriend is getting irritated as she doesn’t get time to visit the salon recently. Now, you can arrange that for your girlfriend or wife so that she can spend a day, relaxed. If you do that for her, she will love you even more for that. Give her a day when she can stay away from her regular mundane life and spend quality time with herself. And when she meets you, you will get your partner more beautiful and confident after a session.

  1. Candle-light Dinner

Usually, husbands or boyfriends arrange this for their lady love and that is really romantic. But, if a wife or girlfriend does it for their beau, that will be really amazing. Your male partner also wants to feel special. Does he get stressed nowadays? Is he disturbed for some reason? You can arrange a romantic candle-light dinner, prepare yourself from him and give him a relaxed night. He will definitely feel special and relaxed.

So, there are certain things that you can gift to your partner on his/her special days. Actually, one can have everything or buy anything that he/she wants, but getting those things as a gift from a special person in life is really something else. You treasure those things forever and whenever you see at those things you remember those happy memories you have spent together all these years. And the most precious gift you can give your partner above all is your unconditional love. No matter how much earthly possessions he/she has, it is your pure love that will keep everything behind.


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