Gift Ideas for People Who Say They ‘Don’t Want Anything’

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Few tiny things are as intensely annoying as asking someone what they want you to buy them, only to be met with “Oh, I don’t want anything.”

It’s just irritating. You know they’re lying — everyone wants a present. They either don’t know what they would ask for or feel embarrassed to tell you. Either way, you’re just left twisting in the wind.

But fear not; we’re here to give you a few foolproof ideas for what to buy/give this kind of people. Don’t worry — we’ll avoid the “gift card and gift basket” clichés many gift guides resort to.

Scented Luxury Candles

Scented luxury candles don’t sound like the most thrilling gift in the world. It might even look odd to start off this list with something so ostensibly boring. However, stick with us — there’s a reason why scented candles are a great option.

For one, it’s unisex. Both men and women can use and appreciate it. Even if it doesn’t exude masculinity, hardly any man can deny the objective appeal of giving his living space a pleasant aroma.

Beyond that, they also tend to last a long time. People usually light them on special occasions that are far and few between. As such, they’re guaranteed to last months, if not years.

Finally, if you’re particularly crafty or creative, you can make scented candles a special, thoughtful gift. For example, you can make a candle yourself using scents the person that will receive it loves. That will make it memorable and show how much you love the person you’re making it for.

Even if your target gift-getter happens to already own a luxury scent candle, it isn’t a big deal. While they do last a long time, they also run out eventually. Once they don’t have any candles left, they can use yours. They don’t really have to run out of candles either; they can just switch from one to another as they please.

Subscription to Different Movie Apps

Here’s one that’s more likely to please (though not as intensely as a more personal present). Movie apps (like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, etc.) are pretty much perfect gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want.

Why’s that? It’s because these platforms have movies for all sorts of tastes. Granted, some are better for some things than others (for instance, Criterion is especially great for documentaries and classic films). However, most movie apps cover a vast range of topics, so they’re sure to have something for everyone.

A subscription to a streaming service is also particularly great to have in more recent times. We all know how many people are under self-isolation with little to do. Binge-watching shows and movies has become more popular than ever. Well, something like Netflix makes it much easier to binge whatever you want.

Speaking of which, you can give someone a subscription digitally. Since getting up close and personal with someone is bad form nowadays, some people might hesitate to accept a physical present. However, sending a gift digitally is perfectly safe.

Weighted Blankets

Few people even consider getting someone a weighted blanket. However, it deserves all the love it can get. It’s a great gift for the person feeling down. Here are a few reasons why.

For one, it can often help relieve anxiety in people. Its weight activates a part of our brains that releases anti-stress hormones upon prolonged pressure on the body (like how you feel great after a long hug). This is doubly useful for people whose stress has gotten so bad that they have a hard time sleeping.

As another result of this reaction, weighted blankets make you feel super warm and loved. It’s like an amazing hug that lasts as long as you want it to. It can help release oxytocin, which, among other things, reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

These blankets can benefit your focus too. Some research has hinted at the possibility that weighted blankets help improve in-seat time and concentration. So if you, for example, know someone with ADHD who struggles to get things done on the computer, this is the gift for them.

A Bottle of Wine

Wine is a classic gift when thinking about what to get someone who doesn’t like anything. Hardly anyone fails to appreciate a great bottle of wine. If you’re attending a birthday party, you can enjoy it right then and there in the company of friends.

In case the person receiving the bottle doesn’t want to open it right away, they can hold on to it. In fact, the longer it stays unopened, the better it becomes. What’s more, as long as it stays unopened, a bottle of wine can serve as a great piece of decoration. Just put it on the shelf, and it becomes an instant mood-setter.

For some people, wine goes beyond a fun pastime or decoration. A lot of cultures take their wine pretty seriously. Italy and France are two examples of countries with deep traditional ties with wine. A bottle of it can be a gift that honors a person’s culture or heritage.

Moreover, drinking wine, as fun as it may be, also has health benefits. Red wine, in particular, can help keep your mind sharp when you get older. That said, we should note that drinking two bottles a day isn’t healthy, so keep it in moderation.

Sex Toys

If you’re close enough to the person or if you’re cheeky, why not buy a sex toy for them? It may sound weird and inappropriate, but if you think about it, it’s an awesome idea for a unique gift.

The most obvious reason is that sex toys can provide tons of fun when playing with them. From dildos to vibrators and fleshlights, they offer new horizons of sensations. Seeing that many of us are still in lockdowns due to COVID-19, spreading sexual horizons is as productive a thing to do as any.

Secondly, it’s safe to say that a sex toy makes for a unique gift. Few people are as bold to buy someone a rabbit vibrator. You’ll definitely go down in history as the one with enough courage to buy that person a sex toy.

Sex toys are also useful in other ways during these stressful times. If you need a quick release to help you sleep, for instance, just light up your Hitachi Wand, and you’ll likely be snoring within the next 20 minutes.

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