Weird Gifts for Your Weirdest Friends (Don’t Let Them Read This!)

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It is difficult to buy the right gift for certain people. This is especially true regarding that one weird person in your life. However, there is a wide range of gifts that you can get for your friend or family member to add to their weird gift collection. So let’s get into some unusual gift ideas.

Cat Licking Brush

The perfect gift for that weird cat lover friend of yours would be the cat licking brush. However, it has to be a cat lover who truly adores their cats. This unique gift idea is a brush that a person puts in their mouth to lick their cat. It is a great gift for people that would like to bond further with their furry friend without their taste buds getting covered in cat hair. It’s something that pure animal lovers would like or at least have a laugh at. Either way, they’ll never forget who gave them this fairly “out there” gift.

Phone Conversation Privacy Mask

A gift that you may want to consider getting your friend if they are into technology is the phone conversation privacy mask. This is for those that are worried people are watching them while they are talking on their phones, or at least lip-reading them. Therefore, this gift allows them to hide their lips while talking on the phone. It is a device that goes over their mouth and has earpieces that are either attracted to the device or you can use wireless pods. The device completely covers the mouth, so none of those lip-reading weirdos can see what they say.

Codex Seraphinianus: World’s Strangest Book

We had something for animal lovers, tech lovers, and now for book lovers. We present to you the Codex Seraphinianus. This book was written in 1981 by Luigi Serafini. It is 360 pages long, and it took the author about two and a half years to complete. The book is filled with:

  • Strange psychedelic hand-drawn drawings depicting alien beings living in nature or other surreal scenes;
  • A language that does not exist, nor can it be deciphered. The author said that he wanted to create the feeling of being a child reading a book you don’t understand, but you know adults understand it.

See here for an extensive book review of Codex Seraphinianus.

Elf Earbuds Headphones

A funny gift to get your gamer or cosplaying friends would be elf earbuds headphones. These look, as the name suggests, like elf ears with earphones attached. They can serve at least three functions — gaming, cosplaying, and general talking. They’re a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas season since they can have a lot of uses outside of how they look. Their look adds a special level of cuteness to them. You can even get your friend a sweet-looking mouse pad to go with them.

Pimple Popping Toy

We present another highly unusual gift — a pimple popping toy. This toy acts as a stress reliever with fake “pimple liquid” or pus coming out of the pores. The toys usually come in a rectangle shape in different skin colors. You can also opt to get one that is in the shape of Donald Trump’s face or a big nose. It is a weird gift, but it is said to reduce stress, so that is a huge plus. This gift is ideal for that friend who has a somewhat gross sense of humor.

Star-Filled Envelope

Do you want to give your friend some stars to carry around in their pocket? Well, you can with a star-filled envelope. This idea is great for star grazers who miss the night sky when the sun is out. It is an envelope that you can open and look into to experience the clear night skies in rural areas. You can make them feel as if they were in Star Wars before the fighting and political talks start. An awesome escape for those who love the night sky.

Otamatone — The Worst Musical Instrument

For your music-loving friend, you may choose Otamatone. This thing is known as the worst musical instrument since it can create a collection of highly annoying sounds. It is in the shape of a small thin notehead with what looks like a face at the base of it. They can squeeze this face, and it will “open its mouth” to make a sound. They can run their fingers up and down the neck of it to make a song. It would be a fun gag, and they may even get good at playing it.

Shewee Pee Funnel

The shewee pee funnel is a great gift for women who don’t mind peeing in public or those who have small bladders and love to go on long hikes far from any toilets. It is a funnel that lets the urine flow while the woman stands, much like what men do. It is a practical gift for those who don’t want to squat and pull down their pants every time. Plus, it’s great for women who believe they can do everything a man can, and with this strong plastic funnel, they literally can. There’s also a little led light that can help them pee in the dark with their new shewee pee funnel.

What makes a good Pee Funnel? A Mashable article answers that question.

Wrapping Up

We have only mentioned a few strange gifts, but there are so many others that can suit your weird friend or family member. However, you can always go with the classic rubber chicken if these gifts are hard to find. Good luck gift hunting!

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