How to choose the best butt plugs for beginners

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Often considered a taboo subject, anal sex offers new sensations to men and women in their sexual practices, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Indeed, the butt plug is more and more adopted by the French in their sexual practices, whether for solitary pleasures or in pairs. In this article it is been told you all about these sexual jewels that are more fearful than bad.

What is butt plug?

The best anal sex toy!

First of all the butt plug is part of the sextoys. It is a conical shape sex toy that is made to penetrate the anus in order to obtain additional stimulation during sexual intercourse in couple or solo. It is designed so that the object remains securely in place since the base is wider than the conical shape that is inserted into the anus. Also, the base prevents the plug from entering the rectum completely (if we choose the right size!)

Then these sex toys are used for several purposes. First of all, it’s a great way to set the stage before sodomy. In fact, this gradually widens the anus and relaxes the muscles. Then, they can be used during foreplay to spice up the sex life of couples and boost libido. Or, during the sexual act, to simulate double penetration. Finally, it is not uncommon that during solo masturbation, men and women use these erotic toys to increase their pleasure tenfold and achieve more intense orgasms.

Why does the butt plug cause so much pleasure?

First, you should know that the butt plug is not a sex toy reserved only for women. Indeed, anal penetration allows you to discover new sensations for women but also for these gentlemen. Why? Because, the anus is part of the erogenous zone for both sex, composed of multiple nerve endings.

In women, the plug tightens the vaginal walls and stimulates the Skene glands, which are equivalent to the prostate in men. Also, when the sex toy is worn during sexual intercourse with a man, it increases the sensations tenfold because it increases the pressure on the man’s sex and the clitoris during vaginal penetration. And, at the time of the enjoyment, it is a real fireworks!

For men, it is a great way to stimulate erection. Indeed, the plug allows both to stimulate the penis at the base of the organ and to have prostate stimulation. Also, the prostate is an erogenous zone in men (point g) which provides more intense orgasms.

The different models for men and for women

How to choose a butt plug?

Thus, faced with the multitude of models in online sex shops, it is easy to get lost when making your choice. Also, be aware that there are many shapes, sizes and materials for these erotic toys. That is why, before realizing your fantasies for the first time, educate yourself.

Regarding the size, it is recommended starting with a small size or a medium size to allow for gentle expansion. There is nothing of preventing you from improving to a superior size.

The different forms of butt plug

The classic conical beginner plug, elongated and smooth

Vibrating plugs: some models have different vibration modes. Others are even remotely controllable

The ball butt plug: the ball movement inside the plug provides intense sensations

Pearl plugs: pearls provide additional excitement thanks to its movements on the inner wall of the anus

Inflatable plugs: which allow you to adapt the size of the plug

And finally, the “fantasy” plugs which bring a touch of sensuality and excitement during naughty games: the base of the plug is decorated with jewelry, rhinestones, rabbit tail.

The various materials

The silicone is a good compromise. Indeed, its non-porous and hypoallergenic texture allows use with comfort. It is a flexible material and soft to the touch. The sensations are all the more pleasant during anal penetration.

The metal is an environmentally friendly material for the body as well. Also, it is very easy to maintain given its non-porous and smooth appearance (stainless steel).

Like metal, glass is smooth and rigid. However, it is a very fragile material.

In certified plastic (ABS), the plug is also hypoallergenic such as silicone.

The wooden plug is not the best solution but it does exist. Admittedly, it is very rigid but one must be wary of its quality depending on its provenance.

The TPR rubber / TPE is not a recommended material for even if it is hypoallergenic it is not porous. Which may seem, dangerous.

Finally, jelly is a soft material and its composition makes it possible to have inexpensive products. However, it is a fragile and brittle material which presents dangers.

How to use a butt plug?

How to put a butt plug? It is not complicated if we follow the few basic rules.

An important preparation

First of all, you need to prepare the anus well using your fingers or those of your partner while performing sensual caresses. Indeed, the main thing is to feel relaxed.

Then, use a lot of lubricant to facilitate passage through the sphincter. For this, there are specialized lubricants that you can easily find in sex shops or on online sales platforms. Also, you need to lubricate the anus but also the plug abundantly with a water-based lubricating gel.

Smooth penetration

Finally, to insert it you have to go gently. Also, present the tip of the plug at the entrance to the anal opening and massage gently to make it fit. You can rotate it on itself by making larger and larger circles in order to gradually dilate the anus. Above all, it is essential to stop at the slightest sensation of intense pain. At first, it is possible to feel like a small discomfort but it quickly fades with the effect of excitement.

Then, to feel the effects of sexual pleasure, you can go back and forth more deeply or leave it in place without touching it. But also, turn it in all directions to further stimulate the nerve endings.

Know how to remove the butt plug and maintain it

Finally, when you want to remove it, just go gently as if to put it on. Thus, pull on the base of the plug by making a deep breath accompanied by a small push.

Then, we don’t forget about hygiene. Remember of cleaning it with soap & water prior to and after each use. Also, use condoms when sharing. And, wash your hands!

Above all these, make sure to buy your butt plugs from a well-established online store like They offer an impressive collection of adult toys that will suit everyone’s liking.

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