The Easiest Way to Hit Your G Spot

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The G-spot is the Holy Grail of female orgasm. It has been repeated time and again that it is hard for many women to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Men don’ have this problem because the very act of penile thrust can help them to reach climax. Unfortunately, the O-game is not that easy for a woman. One of the best ways for a woman to achieve orgasm is through a passionate clitoral stimulation. Since, G-spot is a major part of clit, G-spot stimulation makes things more orgasmic for the fairer sex.

Significance of G-spot stimulation

The G-spot comes as a kind of say, clitoral root. In other words, the sweet spot is the main powerhouse of clit. Hence, when you stimulate that very area, you are rewarded with bouts of explosive orgasm in almost no time. Orgasm is extremely important for a healthy sex life. If a woman is unable to orgasm repeatedly, it’s extremely frustrating for her. And the tension gets manifested in other aspects of life which might hamper her relationship with her man as well.

How to find it?

As G-spot is located deep inside the clit, it’s little harder to find it. But, with little practice, you will be able to locate your G-spot and stimulate it. First, start with massaging the vaginal opening. Proceed with a calm mind as this is no rush job. After a good massage on vaginal opening, lift the part towards belly button following a “come here” motion. You will find your G-spot.

G-spot rests on upper wall side of vagina and its location is one of the main reasons why women can’t attain orgasm through penetrative sex. It’s because when a penis erects and penetrates inside, it goes forward and doesn’t get to touch the very upper wall. As a result, the G-spot stays untouched by the penis and hence deprived of stimulation.

To ensure proper G-spot stimulation, your man has to-

  • Keep his dick pointed forward-up which is very difficult
  • He should have proper idea about location of G-spot and he must actively look for it for stimulating it

Now, so many details could be really overwhelming for your man. It’s better not to include G-spot stimulation during penetrative sex. Rather, you should include in your foreplay session. Your man doesn’t to use his penis here- he can simply use his fingers to maneuver to the right spot and stimulate you. Fingers are more flexible than penis and can be pointed or targeted in any direction.

However, it would be even more effective if you can use a toy like vibrator. Vibrators run on motor which create a more powerful buzz and stimulate you even better than a finger. In fact, there are vibrator toys that are specifically made for G-spot stimulation. You must be eager to know more about them by now. Well, the good news is here is a brief on the best G-spot vibrators you may try out today that are also available at lovegasm.

IMO G-spot Vibrating Rabbit Massager

Rabbit massagers are especially designed for both vaginal and G-spot stimulation and this IMO toy nails it like a boss. It’s molded into a sharp 23.5 degree tilt which enables it to hit G-spot just every time. If you are looking for a powerful and most effective G-spot stimulator, look no further.

One of the best aspects of the toy is surely its as many as 7 vibration modes. The massager has got something for everybody and you are free to experiment  here with multiple settings. The toy gets charged up fast. Just one and half hour of charge will have it back in super action for 120 minutes straight.

Special brownie points go to its sleek and stylish looks. The vibrator light sets the mood and ups the excitement level from the word “go”. But most importantly, the light will help your partner find the G-spot easily in dark rooms.

Best features of the toy-

  • Dual motor allows double stimulation
  • Stimulating lights set the mood and also indicate vibration mode
  • 7 hot vibration modes that stimulate both G-spot and clit
  • Easily rechargeable batteries that assure minimum 10 “O”s with every single charge
  • Accurately hits G-spot
  • Waterproof toy which means you can easily use it in shower.

Orlena Luxury 2-in-1 vibrator

Talks about that dream toe-curling orgasm and you have Orlena 2-in-1 vibe for you. One of the best aspects of it is that it’s designed with both vibrating and suction modes. Thus, it will not only arouse you with a powerful vibrating buzz down under. But will also indulge you in seamless pleasure with the feel of a passionate oral in your nether areas. So, if you are missing your man and his warm touch in your clit, count on this amazing stimulator. You can even use the suction mode on nipples to enjoy the pleasure of nipple suck.

Another great aspect of the toy is that it comes with a sophisticated whisper-quiet operation.

Best features of the toy-

  • Hands-free powerful vibrator and suction functions
  • 8 great vibration modes
  • 3 levels of suction intensities
  • USB rechargeable for easy fun on-the-go
  • Made of silicone which makes the body safe and a breeze to clean

Paloqueth Versatile Remote-Controlled Vibrator

If you are bored of the regular routine and posture of G-spot stimulation, this Paloqueth beauty will be your thing. The toy comes with a remote control which allows to control the toy hands-free, from three meters away. And this toy also doubles up as a cute butt plug. So, you can just tuck the toy inside and go on with your house chores. Your partner will then make things exciting for you by teasing you and sweeping you to bursts of mindblowing orgasm. And everything will be done remotely which will double the fun.  Although butt plugs are worn inside the anus yet once entered, they can stimulate the G-spot and clit like a pro.

Best features of the toy:

  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Can be shared by both partners
  • 9 kinds of powerful vibration modes
  • 100 percent waterproof



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