The Easiest Way to Hit Your G Spot

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Before we go into details, we should probably go through what G-spot actually is. You are probably aware of the mythical spot on the female body that can lead to incredible orgasms. The G-spot, which is short for the Gräfenberg spot, is an erogenous zone of the vagina. Stimulating it may lead to arousal and rather intense orgasms. 

But this isn’t a distinct part of the body. The spot is only a part of the clitoral network, which means that G-spot stimulation is, in fact, clitoral stimulation. 

Since each body is unique, the reactions that stimulation may produce differ too. For some, it will lead to orgasms and intense pleasure. On the other hand, some women reported G-spot stimulation to be unpleasant or even painful. 

Furthermore, some women will ejaculate if you hit their G-spot, while others claim it merely helps them reach an orgasm through vaginal penetration. .


How to Locate the Female G-Spot

The main problem with finding your G-spot is that each body is different. So, the process can be challenging. While the exact location of the area can slightly vary, almost everyone reported it being on the inner top wall of their vagina. 

Furthermore, it is located between two and three centimeters inside. Some women also report that the spot is bumpy when touched. On the other hand, for some, they claim that they need to push quite hard to feel it. 

If you are trying to find your own G-spot, the best idea would be to try it solo instead of during the intercourse. That way, you can start exploring your body and see what feels good. But even if you are having fun with your partner, you should remember that communication is the key. 

Interestingly, many women have never experienced the sensation of G-spot stimulation. That can lead to frustration since everyone is talking about it. Not being able to find this Holy Grail of intercourse can add unnecessary pressure to the person trying to please their partner too. 

There are many different ways to have an orgasm, and there isn’t a manual. Each individual will experience it differently, and they all have preferences. Some women will have a hard time finding satisfaction through this type of stimulation. 

The Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-Spot

For anyone looking to experience a G-spot orgasm, there are a couple of positions that you should try. However, you should remember that there isn’t exactly a rulebook for orgasming during sex. It may very well be different for everyone. 

One of the best positions for hitting the G-spot is cowgirl. For this position, the male should lie on his back, and the lady should get on top of him. The advantages here are that the female will have complete control over pacing, speed, tempo, depth, and angle. Ideally, you will move back and forth to allow both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

The second position is the doggy style. Doggy is excellent because it allows you and your partner to find the right angle easily, allowing deeper penetration. As you probably know already, you will need to get on your hands and knees. But that doesn’t mean that you will hand over control of the action to your partner. You can still lean on your forearms or try pushing your hips backward to find a perfect angle.

Finally, you can always check out the closed missionary position. While it is rather similar to our favorite vanilla pose, the only difference is that you will keep your legs closed. From there on, your partner will use their legs to straddle yours, allowing for a tighter squeeze. Naturally, this option will allow only shallow thrusts, but the tightness might provide enough friction to stimulate the G-spot. 

You should, of course, try other things as well, and see what feels the best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new and exciting. 

How Sex Toys Can Help

The very nature of sex toys is to help you reach orgasm. And there are so many different ones designed for stimulating the G-spot. Probably the most popular toy for this activity is the G-spot vibrator. 

The main reason why you should get a specific toy designed for G-spot stimulation is that other toys can only help you to a degree. G-spot vibrators usually have a curved shaft, or they are flexible enough so you can reach that special area. 

Naturally, the best thing about vibrators is that they, well, vibrate. That will make all the difference in the world. What’s more, the toy’s unique design will allow you to reach the vaginal wall where the spot is. 

Furthermore, you can also experiment with rabbit vibrators. The unique design of these bad boys allows you to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. Besides, some models are quite flexible, making it easier for you to locate the target area.

There is a reason why sex toys are so popular. That’s because they do their job. If you are looking for the easiest way to have an orgasm, visiting a local sex shop is something you should do. 


The mythical G-spot is in the vaginal canal on the upper top wall. It isn’t a distinctive part of the body, but only a part of the clitoral network. In other words, by stimulating the G-spot, you will indirectly stimulate the clitoris. But one of the reasons why so many women are interested in doing it is that it can help you achieve an intense orgasm. 

There are many toys, sex positions, and ways to help you reach orgasm through G-spot stimulation. The only thing you need to do is relax, take your time, and enjoy yourself.  Well, the good news is there are the best best G-spot vibrators you may try out today that are also available at lovegasm. It’s the easiest way to order and get one for you to try.

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