What women want as birthday gifts?

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Giving presents to our loved ones is one of the easiest yet best ways to make them happy and feel special. Especially, if you want to impress a woman or make her feel special about something, you should gift the things she loves. Now, here is the entire trick involved. You first need to find out what exactly she wants and what pleases her. There are few people who want to give the best birthday gifts to their woman, but are very bad at it, when it comes to select one. If you too are one such person, then here are few of the gift options that you could consider for this coming birthday of your partner or any woman close to you.

A bunch of books

It’s not that if a person loves books, he or she would not have enough of it, but in any situation, they love it if someone gifts them books. If your lady is a book lover, then this would be the best birthday gift you could give to her. Try to find out about her interests and then try to find books related to those interests. Also, you need to keep this thing in your mind that the books that you are going to gift her should not be new. It may or may not be known her. If you gift her book that she had been trying to read from quite some time, but was not able to, she will be the happiest.


This is a gift that nobody in this world will deny taking or would not prefer to have. The reasons why we have put it in the second category is that, when you do not get anything in your mind, perfumes come to your rescue. Try to know the taste of the person you want to gift the perfume. This is one such gift option that could be gifted to anyone, be it your sister, your girlfriend, your mother, friend, anyone. You just need to pick the right option.

Makeup palette

You really need to think a lot about other gift options, but you could gift any woman a makeup palette without any doubt. Makeup and women are friends. We could not find many women who do not like makeup. Obviously, a boy could not know everything related to makeup and other things, but there are some of the big and popular brands, which are known to everybody. You could go to the store and can ask for help. If buying it from any online store, try to do a quick research and yes do not forget to read the reviews of the products that you are buying. In this way, you will end up buying what is best for her.


A sketch or a portrait that we gift is a piece of art and who the hell in this world is not fond of art and literature. Adding to the art thing, this is a piece of admiration of the person whom you are gifting it and if you know even a little bit about women, then you know that women love to be admired. Find a good sketch or portrait artist and get the portrait of your lady made by him. This would prove to be an impressive gift.

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Time be the best gift

Till now, we were talking about the gifts that were materialistic and could be bought from somewhere with the help of money. Now, if you talk about the real interests of women, then more than these materialistic things, a woman loves your care and attention. No matter which relationship you share with her, it is your time that would be the best gift for her. If you are a father, try to take a leave at least on your daughter’s birthday and stay with her all day long. The same thing is applicable in the case if you are a husband or a son or a brother.


This may sound little childish, but believe it or not, recollecting the memories are the best things, one could do ever. There is no person in this world, who do not want to relive the good memories and scrapbook is one of the best ways of making it possible. If you want to see that big smile on her face, collect all the receipts, maps, tickets and photos that remind of various moments that you lived with her. With the very imagination, this sounds very fanaticizing and incredible.

An adventurous trip

Each one of us has this thing in our mind that we want to do once in our lifetime. Majorly, an adventurous trip always remains in everyone’s bucket list and because of all the responsibilities and duties that we have on our shoulders, we forget them. If you know the birthday girl, you must be aware of any such thing about her life. On this birthday of hers, try to plan a short trip where you could make this thing possible. This could be a place where one could get to do scuba diving, sky diving, a road trip or anything that she would like, but has not done before.

Love Jar

If this is your partner’s birthday, remind her of the days when all of it started. Show some extra love and behave romantically and presenting a love jar to her would be the best way of doing it. Love jar is nothing but a jar full of love notes. We know that this looks like something that would require all your efforts, but trust us when she will open it, there would be a big smile on her face and you want that. One could get these types of jars at many gift shops, but try to make it by you. Always remember that if you are gifting something to her that symbolizes your love for her, try to make it by yourself. Here, do not even copy the quotes from the internet and try to write it by you.

The naming gift

This is the most unique gift that one could ever gift to their loved ones. However, not many people know about it. So a naming gift is basically a gift where you gift the person a product, which is named after each letter of the person’s name. Suppose, the birthday girl’s name is Sara, so you need to pick four gifts out of which two should have the name starting from letter S and then two from A. These gifts could be anything of her choice and liking and can be presented by anyone.

Learning her favorite skill

We mentioned earlier also that girls do not fall for materialistic things and love it when someone gives them attention and care. As a partner or daughter or sister or friend, she might have wanted you to learn something that is of her interest and you might have ignored it till now. If you are running short of ideas about gifts on this birthday of her, give her this gift. Learn that particular skill and try to perform it with her. If you are her husband and if she has some different native language, then try to learn that and converse in that only. This will bring tremendous joy to her and the love between you will flourish more.

Antique pieces

Now, this is not about being old school, but the ways we have modernized ourselves, the value of antique pieces have increased a lot, especially in the eyes of a woman. They love these types of items, be it a jewelry piece or a home décor piece. They are not just expensive, but hard to find also. If you gift any such thing to your lady, she would be more than happy.


The reason for placing it at the end of this list is that it is a cliché gift option, which you could find, written everywhere. Also, the reason for mentioning it in this list is that this is one such idea that could never go wrong and every woman would like it. If it is your mother’s birthday, then you could gift her any jewelry piece that she was trying to buy from a long time now. You could actually gift jewelry to your friend, wife, sister and any other woman close to you.

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So, these were some random, yet unique gift ideas that you could use to please your woman on her birthday and could make her day extra special. Each and every gift that is mentioned in the section above is just a way of making her special day more special. One thing that you should always keep in your mind is that what gift you are giving does not really matter if you are giving it with all your love. It is obvious that if you want to see her happy, you will be able to make it happen and these gift options will help you in doing so.

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