What women want as birthday gifts?

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Whether you’re looking for the best gifts for your wife for Valentine’s Day, a single lady friend, the busy coworker, or the mom number one, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve compiled a list of things you have to consider when choosing the perfect gift, as well as some examples that can inspire you, of course!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift

Choosing a gift for a woman in your life is sometimes an elaborate process. There are things to take into account and think about before you decide what’s perfect. Whoever you’re choosing a gift for, there are some things you should carefully think about.

Put Some Thought Into It

The first thing you need to consider is her interests. After all, interests determine what your gift will be. Presents don’t need to be extravagant (although they can be), as long as they make sense. You’ll find that gift-giving isn’t so difficult when you know what someone actually likes. 

Another related thing to consider is age. Interests change as we grow older, and so do our wishes. If your special lady has a wish list, then that’s your job made easy — just pick something off of it, and you’ll be good to go.

Another thing to consider is her relationship status. Yes, single and married women need different things. If you are buying for a married woman with a child, your gift will be vastly different as well. 

Since we’re not only talking about birthdays here, it makes sense to think about the occasion. Why are you looking for the best gift ideas for women? What is the reason behind your gift? In case there’s no reason, you should think about the meaning. Or a special message behind your present. It can be something simple that your special lady needs.

Speaking of needs, think about utility. Many people prefer receiving useful gifts — something they can use every day. Flowers are pretty and all, but they wither quickly. How about something that will last for longer than a week? 

While it is the thought that counts, you should always consider the price too. After all, an expensive gift doesn’t equal a great gift — you can buy something thoughtful and suitable at gift shops nearby. Make sure you have everything figured out before deciding whether you want to spend pocket change or empty your bank account. Either way, rest assured that your woman will appreciate it.

Kitchen Tools/Appliances

Nobody needs to be a home chef to want kitchen tools and/or appliances. This is a gift that keeps giving, literally. It’s something they’ll be using on the daily. Who doesn’t get excited about new kitchen utensils? We know we do. 

What helps with picking a gift of this kind is knowing what your woman likes to eat or cook. Think about it — would you buy a cake stand for someone who doesn’t like sweets? Of course not. Think about their culinary expertise. Novice cooks don’t need professional chef knives. They can only wind up hurting themselves. 

When you think of kitchen-related gifts, think of utility. Something that will make a person’s life and meal-prepping easier. Those are things like cute cooking timers, microwaves, blenders, ice cream makers. What? Who doesn’t love ice creams? Especially when they can make them at home anytime they want.


Everybody loves bags! Okay, maybe not everyone likes them, but they need them, for sure. 

You can’t just go and buy a random bag you like, though. There are different types, and each of them has different uses. Their uses determine which bag is right for who. Here are some examples.

The first example is a tote bag. This is a huge, open bag, and you can fit pretty much anything you want in it. Note bags are great for shopping or whenever you need to bring lots of stuff somewhere.

The second on the list are backpacks. These, too, can carry a lot of weight — except on your back (duh!). It’s great for students and people on the go who find carrying on their backs a lot more convenient.

Our last example is a clutch bag. However, it is small and can seldom fit everything you need. So you see, there is a bag for everyone.

Yoga Mat

If you think your lady friend needs to chill a little, introducing them to yoga is a great way for them to achieve that. Or maybe they’re into yoga already but in need of some equipment. 

Yoga mats are your optimal budget gift for zen people. They can be pricey too; don’t get us wrong. However, they can be pretty cheap compared to some of the other gifts in this article. Hell, you can even get yourself one! Why not? Your friend might need some company on their new chakra path. 

You can pair mats with other equipment as well — throw in some yoga pants or a hydro flask. You can’t really open your third eye without staying hydrated, you know. 

This gift is great if you’re trying to talk your friend into yoga so they can keep you company. Now they can’t really say no, right? Of course not. To fully understand people who are into yoga, meditation, or the whole zen thing, then you can refer to this article from Psychology Today for more information/


Alright, this is a gift you absolutely cannot go wrong with. 

Let’s think back to interests. If your special woman is a book lover, obviously this is the ultimate gift for her. If you’re unsure of what genre she’s into, all you have to do is ask about her favorite book. Don’t worry — we have a plan B ready to go if you can’t figure out what your friend enjoys reading.

If she loves books, the chances are that she has plenty of them. Roam her bookshelves, and whatever you see the most is what you should go for. Or maybe you’ve heard her say she wants to get into a new genre. That’s a great way for you to show you’re paying attention to her.

Chances are she might forget she ever told you that in the first place. Now you have the wow factor!

Makeup Set

Now we’ve come to the tricky part. If you have no clue about makeup, this gift can be quite intimidating. You can find more information about what she likes and uses. However, sometimes not even that will help you. 

In this day and age, makeup is plentiful. There are numerous brands and products, so how do you choose the right one? You might think simply going to a makeup store will help. That’s where you’re very wrong. You see, there’s makeup for different skin tones and types, complexions, undertones (whatever that is). 

So how do you nail a gift like this? Again, you can ask her about it. Ask about what she wants or if there is anything she wanted to try recently. If you want to take the surprise route, do a little investigating. See what she already has, and let that guide you. We do wish you the best of luck.

New Skills

This is, by far, in our opinion, the best gift you can give although it might not be for everybody. This is mainly for people who are students of life, the people who never want to stop learning new things. Well, it’s useful for everyone. Here’s how. 

Maybe your lady friend really wants to learn a new skill but doesn’t have the time. Sign her up for a new class (or course) as a surprise, and she will have to make time for it. Or maybe she needs a certain skill to land better jobs but has no money for the course. That is, again, where you can step in. 

This gift is extremely versatile. You just need to pay attention to what your woman needs. It can all be lighthearted too. We could all use a bit of a break sometimes, so pick a course your lady will find relaxing. 


If all else fails, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Or rather, the bling guns. The shinier the better in this case. 

Jewelry is a great way to temporarily blind your woman to her problems and make everything alright again, even for a little bit.

Now, how much you want to spend on this gift depends on a lot of things. Your financial situation and the occasion, mainly. Of course, it depends on what the woman you’ll bestow this gift upon likes. Whatever jewelry you go for, there’s a lot to pick from. 

When it comes to shiny things, you can seldom do wrong. But focus on the lifestyle (and fashion sense) of the person too. Do you want them to wear this every day or just on special occasions? The options are endless, so all this gift needs is the right person to pick it. 


Whoever you’re looking to buy a gift for, one thing is for certain — you have to know them well. Listening and paying attention to someone will help you out greatly. However, you can always be straightforward. Ask her what she wants or just get her a gift card and let her choose alone. We find that method to be extremely mistake-proof. Here is another article from Cosmopolitan if you are looking for valentine’s gift ideas

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