Is a Gift Card a Good Gift?

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So what’s the deal with gift cards? Is it socially acceptable to give them to someone on a special occasion, or are they just a lazy last resort? 

Nowadays, we can find all sorts of unique gift ideas online. It’s quite easy to order something that will impress or cheer up your friend, coworker, or significant other. But, when is it okay to give someone a gift voucher and allow them to buy something for themselves? Is a gift card a good gift? Check out the full answer below!

Pros of Buying Gift Cards

Firstly, a gift card is not the greatest and most surprising present. It’s only a step-up from giving someone an envelope with cold hard cash. But, it could allow you to find a last-minute solution if you’re in a bind. Even if it’s a lazy choice, there are some benefits to it. It all depends on people and context. 

Who Are They for and Why?

If you’re considering a card, you always have to think about the person receiving the gift. If that person is a bit of a gift-hater and they don’t like surprises, a voucher would actually be a great idea. It would allow them to choose an item that they truly want the most. For instance, if you get someone an Amazon gift card, they’ll be able to find nearly anything. In such cases, gift cards are great because they’ll save you the embarrassment of buying something unsuitable. 

If someone is too difficult to shop for and if their tastes are incredibly specific, a card may again be the best option. What’s more, if they have a unique job or hobby that requires a lot of equipment, get them a gift card, and they’ll be happy to make their own decision. Additionally, consider the timing. If your friend or colleague has just started to attend tennis or ballet lessons, they may need some new sports equipment. A gift voucher could take some of the financial burdens away. The same goes for clothes, technology, new furniture or appliances, etc. 

Moreover, gift-giving can get tricky if you’re in a long-term relationship or friendship. You can exhaust your creativity over the years and simply run out of ideas. You can also keep a lookout on your friend’s social media pages to see if they’ve posted a wishlist or similar. Then, get them something like a Visa gift card or other credit card vouchers. They’ll be able to buy anything they need!  After all, gift giving is also important when you want to show someone  you care about them.

Cons of Buying Gift Cards

When thinking about the disadvantages of this gift, you should put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. If they love surprises and funny or creative gifts, the chances are that they will not be satisfied with a simple card. Think about what they have given you in the past. Try to examine if a card is the right choice. 

When Are They a Bad Choice? 

To some people, presents are all about the show of affection. Your lover or friend may not necessarily care or even like their new gift, but your love could matter the most to them. A gift card could devalue this and put a close bond at risk. That is especially true if you’re already having issues in your relationship with that person. 

For instance, if you’re never providing them with your time and care. A last-minute gift voucher for their special day could simply push them over the edge. If they’ve put a lot of thought into giving you an awesome B-day gift, they’ll simply be disappointed if you show up with a voucher. Of course, that may depend on the type of person they are and what they expect in return. As always, the skill of good gift-giving requires you to know someone deeply. 

Another disadvantage of gift cards is that they are not suited for every occasion, contrary to how they’re marketed. If you’re celebrating an anniversary or any other special occasion with a boyfriend or girlfriend, try to avoid vouchers. They could make your significant other feel like you didn’t put in the time to surprise them with something nice. 

Moreover, you could also end up getting the wrong type of gift card. In this case, the person could not find what they are actually looking for. They would be forced to spend the card money on something that they never even wanted.

Who Are the Best People to Give Gift Cards To 

As mentioned earlier, a gift card can be a great gift if it suits the receiver. We’ve said that people who dislike surprises are ideal candidates for a gift card. What’s more, those who have specific hobbies or interests and are a bit difficult to shop for will certainly appreciate them. 

Other types of people who will love this gift the most are newlyweds. Weddings cost a lot, and quite often, couples can make wishlists for their friends and family. Marriage often includes moving into a new home, so the happy couple will need some form of support. A gift card will be great for this because the couple will be able to cross off the items on their wish list quickly. 

Furthermore, you can sometimes make a mistake buying an item from someone’s wishlist. For instance, you could get a kitchen appliance from the wrong brand or with inadequate specs or buy the same thing they already got from another friend. The couple would have to replace it, and it would just be a bit inconvenient. A card could save you some trouble! Furthermore, vouchers and cards could be ideal for women or couples who are expecting babies. They could use the card to order any type of item that suits them. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re worried about gift cards, watch out for the disadvantages we’ve mentioned as they can cause problems in your relationship. However, they can be a great option for certain types of people that we’ve listed in this article. So consider your loved one’s wishes and their circumstances. If they seem like the ideal candidate for a gift card, get them one today! At the end of the day, it’s the thought of wanting to make someone happy is what matters.

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