What Men Want As Birthday Gifts?

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Birthday gifts are always special. Whether you agree or not, we all wait for our birthdays just for this very reason. We love it when our close ones shower us with lovely presents. This holds true for both kids and adults. After all, who doesn’t love to get pampered?

When it comes to gifting, both men and women have their own category of items to prefer. Sometimes it can really get difficult for you to choose the right gift. This is particularly true when it comes to gifting men. Unlike ladies, there are not enough items available for men. Therefore, you need to be very particular about what you choose.

We have so many male figures in our lives. From father to husband to brother, we need to think of something special for everyone’s birthday. After all, they all hold a special position in our lives. If you are looking for the perfect gift for men, you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed some of the best gift items that every man will like.

Gift Ideas For Men

Gifting someone becomes really easy when you know what the person wants. But if it’s a surprise, things may get tough for you. Gifting a woman is always easier as you have so many choices available. On the other hand, you have very limited items available for men. Thus, it becomes really difficult for you to get creative with your gift. But with this list in hand, you are sorted for every male’s birthday in your life. Whether it be your father or brother, these gift items are just perfect for every man. Check out the list and you will know.

  1. Branded watch

Watches are considered to be the best gift items for men. No matter what the occasion is you can always gift them a watch. The good thing is that most men love to wear watches. This is particularly true for men who are working. A brand new watch can make a man look good and classy. Also, you can get a variety of choices in men’s watches. Since the watch is a luxury item make sure that you get a good brand. Before selecting the brand, you should go through the online reviews. If you really want to impress your male friend, it would be better for you if you could somehow get to know whether he likes metal straps or leather straps. Usually, men are very fussy about their watch straps.

  1. Duffle bag

A duffle bag could also be a good gift item for a man. As you know, all men are very clumsy when it comes to carrying and packing their things around. If you have someone like that in your family or in the friend’s circle, you can definitely think of gifting this to them. This kind of bags are really durable and they also look very good. Also, duffle bags are mostly used by men. If your friend likes to travel a lot when he could make great use of this gift.

  1. Expensive perfume

There is no man in the world who doesn’t love to use good perfume. In fact, many of them spend hundreds of dollars after expensive perfumes every month. So why not put a smile on their face with a branded perfume. In case, you have no idea about men’s perfume you can search the net for options. When something catches your attention, you can go through its review online and then order it for your friend. It is guaranteed that he will really appreciate your gift choice. The best thing to do is to get him the brand that he loves to use.

  1. A nice shirt or tee

Whether you want to gift him a nice formal shirt or a tee largely depends on what kind of attire he prefers the most. For men who love to dress up classy and stylish all the time, a nice fitted formal shirt would do great as a birthday gift. However, for guys who mostly prefer casual t-shirts, you can gift them a graphic shirt. If he has a fan of some superhero which every guy is you can get him his favorite superhero t-shirt as well. You can easily get such tees on the net or at any shopping mall. Before you gift him a shirt make sure that you know his size. After all, you wouldn’t want your gift to go unused.

  1. A full shaving kit

No, we are not talking about those cheap shaving kits that you can get at any random shops. We are talking about a nice expensive shaving kit from a good brand. There are some men brands out there that are known to manufacture such shaving kits. These kits are mostly gift items as they come packed in a lovely wooden or a leather box with all the shaving essentials in it. For any men, a shaving kit is a daily necessity and therefore, your friend is surely going to appreciate it.

  1. A Tie

There are many men who have a fascination for ties. If you check their wardrobe you are sure to find a wide variety of ties. In case, you have someone who falls in that category, you can choose a good looking tie for that very person. When it comes to buying a tie as a gift item, you need to have some experience about it. In that case, you can check the net for the different types of tie available. Also, you can check out the kind of tie your friend wears. Based on that you can get a tie of his favorite color.

  1. Whiskey serving set

This one is surely a great choice for any men. In case, your friend is turning 21 which is the legal drinking age, you can actually gift him a whiskey serving set on his birthday. This is actually an unusual gifting item but it is totally worth it. This kind of fancy whiskey set can either be sued whenever needed or even showcased at the house bar. You can get a variety of designs to choose from.

  1. Gaming console

A gaming console can be the best birthday gift ever. You can never find a man who doesn’t love to play a console. No matter what the age is they all love to play games. So if the person is really close to you then you can consider gifting him a gaming console. Let’s say it’s your brother’s birthday, for him it’s the perfect birthday gift. In case, you plan to gift someone a gaming console, it is better that you start saving months prior to his birthday. As you may already know that consoles don’t come off cheap.

  1. Bluetooth headphones

An expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones can also serve as a great birthday gift item. There are so many different types of Bluetooth models available for you to choose from. You should select a reputed brand and then get a nice pair of headphones for your friend. He will actually find it useful. This is particularly true if he loves to listen to music. You should give him something that will last longer and can be utilized.

  1. Pair of branded sneakers

All men love shoes especially when it’s a dashing pair of sneakers. It doesn’t matter whether your friend has a fascination for shoes or not, you can plan to get him a pair of sexy shoes. Notice the kind of shoes he loves to wear and then go get it from the mall. But before that, it is very important that you know his size. After all, you wouldn’t want to gift something that wouldn’t fit him at all. Also, make sure that you know about his favorite color. Gifting the shoes of his favorite color will make him all the happier on his birthday.

  1. Personalized gifts

The main advantage of personalized gifts is that it is suitable for any occasion and can also be gifted to both the gender. However, this is the perfect kind of gift for couples. If you want to impress your boyfriend more on his birthday then you can think of gifting him a personalized gift. There are a lot of things you can get do when gifting him a personalized gift. Since it is his birthday you should think of doing something special and creative.

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  1. Champagne

Gifting a bottle of champagne on anyone’s birthday seems to be like the perfect occasion. To celebrate your friend’s birthday in a more special way you can surprise him with a bottle of expensive champagne. This is sure to brighten up his mood.

Thus, you can see the number of gift items you can avail for a man’s birthday. Most of these gift items are suitable for all age groups of men. You can choose any of the items and then gift him on his birthday to show your care.




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