The Different Types of Gift Givers

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The gift giving tradition is one of the oldest forms of human interaction. From Valentine’s Day and birthdays to Christmas and even visiting someone’s home for the first time, there are many occasions for gift giving. But why do people give gifts? What are their true motives? Let’s find out.

The Genuine Giver

A gift can tell the receiver what type of gift giver you are. The most beloved kind are the genuine givers. These people think carefully about the gift and understand what the receiver likes or needs. For them, giving a great gift requires some forethought. Finding the right one takes time and planning.

These people often get the gift months or weeks before your birthday because they saw it and thought, “Yes, this is totally for them.” They do not like or avoid thoughtless gift giving even when it comes to people they don’t know that well. If they don’t have any idea what to get, they usually give something useful, such as a bottle of wine. Even if the host doesn’t drink wine, their other guests may.

A genuine gift giver would find something that fits the receiver’s hobby, such as Lego or art supplies. They give gifts to try to make the other person feel good about the gift and notice the effort behind it. Sometimes, a small box of Lego can mean a lot to some (even an adult) who likes to build mini-figures. To them, it is the thought that is the most important. The same cannot be said for the others on this list.

The Status Hound

The status hound can be viewed as the opposite of the genuine gift giver. They do not give gifts to make the other person feel great but to make themselves look good. These gifts may be more expensive at times, but they are often something that does not suit the personality of the receiver or something they cannot use.

For example, a drone would be an awesome gift for someone who is into it but a useless one for those that have zero interest in that kind of thing. These gifts may come across as something extravagant for the sake of being extravagant. This can be okay if the giver does not know the receiver at all. However, it can hurt if the giver and the receiver have a relationship.

These types of givers want to show off their money or power, and their gift is often an attempt to fix a damaged relationship but in the wrong way. Bad gifts are those that do not put the receiver first, often resulting in a gift exchange receipt being needed. This can also be something that just takes up space in the home.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Similar to the above-mentioned type of giver is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. They make the gift-giving process about them. However, they are different from the status hound in that they are willing to re-gift items. Plus, they also want to match the monetary value of the gift they have received. Therefore, if they got something cheap, the gift they will give will be cheap too by default.

Another important aspect of this type of gift-giver is that they tend to play favorites. Moreover, they do not hide this. An example of this could be a person giving first-class jewelry to the wife of a couple while the husband gets a spanner.

This favoritism could make great inside jokes but can also be frustrating to get rubbish, useless gifts on purpose.

The Power Player

This is the worst of the lot. While the wolf in sheep’s clothing and the status hound can come across as selfish, they still do not want to hurt or disappoint people. The power player purposely gives horrible gifts that were chosen for their uselessness. They are unflattering and are often a deliberate attempt to make the receiver unhappy.

These gifts can be something that points out the receiver’s “flaws” or something they are still working on, such as running shoes for someone who is paralyzed or a dress for a daughter-in-law that is on the big. The latter could come across as a sign that the giver wants them to gain more weight. It is passive-aggressive gift giving, which takes away from the purpose of gift giving in the first place.

The Complainer

The last type of giver on the list can have good intentions and give thoughtful and useful gifts, but they complain a lot. They complain about how difficult it was to find that certain gift and how much effort they put into getting it. The gift comes with the whole story about how they had to go through the ice lands of Madagascar with a sore back and a tooth-pick as a walking stick. So the receiver better appreciate this gift, even if it is only a toothbrush.

However, they are harmless, and they mostly mean well, unlike the power player or, at times, the wolf. They can just be annoying when they go into a long story, but they do mean well. Maybe they just want the receiver to really love their gift?

Wrapping Up

While gift giving can be a challenge at times, it is worth it to see the joy that the receiver gets from it. The giver plays a mini Santa Claus on birthdays. Gift giving can also tell a lot about the giver. So it would be a good idea to aim to be the genuine gift giver by putting effort, care, and thought into the gift. It does not have to be expensive; remember — it’s the thought that counts. Just put the receiver first, and it shall come back to you.

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