Wholesome Gifts That Are Not Things

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There are many incredible gifts that are not objects, and to quote Van Halen, “I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout love.” Many people believe that experience is something that will last a lot longer than a simple gift, and they tend to enjoy it a lot more. Here, we will take a look at wholesome gifts that are not necessarily things or objects. Our list might help you if you are running out of gift ideas.


If you are not ordering something from Amazon, regular mail can be quite boring. Usually, all you’ll see in your mailbox are bills and junk. But you can always refresh it and make it more exciting. Getting a nice subscription for your friends and family might be a perfect gift. The best thing is that you can easily find something they will enjoy. It could be, for example, their favorite comic book, children’s magazine, National Geographic, magazines about music, or anything else. There are also subscription boxes that will ensure they get a thoughtful gift that fits their needs and interests.

Furthermore, you can find so many great subscriptions online as well if you are not a fan of traditional mail. Did you know that there are many websites online that aren’t porn? You can find anything on the internet, so it won’t be challenging to find something your loved one will enjoy.

It is a nice way to get them a non-material gift that will be both beautiful and useful.


The next non-material gift idea you might like are memberships. This is something that your family members might love. If you hate wrapping papers but still want to find a perfect Christmas gift, a membership might be a perfect option.

Once again, depending on the person, you will find something they’ll love and enjoy, and the options are almost limitless. It could be a membership to a science museum, gym, opera, library, or even a season ticket for a local theater.

The only thing you need to do is understand what your friend or family member loves and find the appropriate gift. If you find a perfect membership, they will be receiving their gift every time they go to a theatre, gym, or anywhere else you choose. It will feel like Christmas whenever they use your gift.

Events Tickets

One could argue that tickets are not in this category since they are material. However, a ticket is just a way to enter a venue and experience an event. In essence, you will give them the experience of seeing their favorite band or show.

Did you know that experiences make people happier than material gifts? If a person enjoys music and seeing their favorite musicians live on stage, it is something they will never forget. Naturally, concerts are not the only option here. You can get them a ticket for the finale of some sports event, for amusement park, symphonic orchestra, or nearly anything else.

The best thing about tickets and events is there is a thing for everyone. Your friend doesn’t like loud music but adores dancing? There is a high chance that you can get them tickets for a dance recital that will make them scream with excitement.

Classes or Workshops

Learning new things is exciting, and classes and workshops are incredible. Now, we’re not talking about school and learning things you don’t care about. Instead, you can give your friend a private class they will enjoy.

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Today, there is a class or workshop for nearly anything. If they love dancing or music, they can easily learn how to play an instrument or dance. But that’s not all. There are pottery classes if they want to feel like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be related to a hobby, and they can learn something that can be rather useful, like programming or a new language.

One of the most exciting things about learning is that you can do it from home. There are numerous classes you can find online, and it might be something your friend will enjoy.

Needless to say, Masterclass will give them an opportunity to learn from the best artists and learn how they became what they are today.


Finally, you can always opt for traveling. For some people, nothing can compare to visiting a different city, country, or culture. You’ll be able to see something different and unique and learn more about the world you live in.

Now, traveling to a different continent surely sounds like fun, but not many people can afford it (and it might be too much for a simple gift). However, you can always travel locally. Take a trip together or go on a hike. It doesn’t have to be across the world. You can still have fun if you go camping together.

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Finding a perfect gift for your family member or a friend can be challenging. However, there is more than one way to make someone’s day. People are usually so stuck on items or objects they could buy that they often forget about experiences. So think about what they enjoy doing and try to give them more of that. If they love music, you can always find a music class or a concert near you that they can visit.

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