Is a sex toy an appropriate gift for a newly married couple?

It might seem a little risqué but sex toys can make good gifts. People often aren’t always willing to traipse around a shop or have the goods delivered to their door for fear of being caught out. They want to try them, without the potential embarrassment of buying them. That’s why sex toys can be kind presents for birthdays or at hen parties. But are there certain scenarios in which a sex toy becomes an inappropriate gift? Would a sex toy be an appropriate present for a newly married couple?

Sex, after all, is still a private matter, and while a sex toy given to an individual is done so with the implication that they can enjoy some self-pleasure on their own, a couples’ toy makes a fairly bold recommendation for two people’s love lives. Would giving a sex toy to a married couple play into dated ideas about waiting …

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7 Habits of Thoughtful Gift Givers

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

‘Tis the season for giving. And research suggests that doing so may help bust stress, promote happiness, and even lead to a longer life. Looking to get in touch with your generous side? Embrace these seven habits of truly thoughtful gift givers.

They plan ahead.

Considerate gift giving is as much about planning as it is about how well you know the person. Take time to think about the recipient’s personality and interests to figure out how he or she will get the most value or gratification, suggests Elizabeth Hebda, shopping expert at LivingSocial. Map out a list of your ideas to help you stay organized and make sure you find the perfect fit for everyone.

Thoughtful gift givers don’t focus on cost.

The practice of thoughtful giving offers a wealth of …

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How to Gift a Sex Toy

You may not find it in the New York Times holiday guide, but a sex toy is a spot-on gift to give your significant other. If done right, gifting a sex toy hits every prong of the perfect present trifecta: thoughtful, useful, and, most importantly, fun. Here are a few things to keep in mind before giving one to your partner.

Talk about the pros of using sex toys

When you’ve been with someone long enough to complete each other’s sentences, it’s easy to fall into certain routines as a couple. A sex toy is an easy way to add some variety to your life. Such is the spice of life, right? Says psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Lori Buckley, “You can really benefit from having some sexual novelty and excitement in your life,” noting, “as we get older, it takes more physical stimulation to get excited.” Talk with your …

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Gift Ideas To Give Yourself

The season of giving is once again here. It’s again that time of the year when you select gifts for your friends and family. You probably already have an idea of what all things you need to buy. But have you thought of gifting something to yourself?

When it comes to giving presents, most of us buy gifts for others. Well, that’s what the tradition tells us. We are always taught that gifts are meant to be given to other people. But what about us? We surely receive presents from our near and dear ones and it is indeed special to us. But that shouldn’t stop us from gifting something special to ourselves.

We all have wanted. Let’s say you have seen this expensive beautiful dress in the showroom the other day. Instead of asking someone to give it to you as a present, why not gift it to yourself. …

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The Most Expensive Gifts That You Can Give To Your Parents

Parents are the most precious gift of the almighty to anyone. They are the institution who build the future of you and make you a better person. They have given you life and with all the amenities you need to live it. They do the best things possible for you to give you a great life and to do that, they make lots of sacrifices and compromises in their life. So, if you ever want to gift anything to your parents something special and expensive, you should give your respect, love, compassion, and obviously, your time. These two persons in your life love you unconditionally and they never expect anything expensive from you. Still, as a responsible child, you often want to give something to your parents, right? You want to make their birthdays and anniversary special with gifts. What are the expensive gifts you can give to your mom …

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The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Flowers and chocolate are undoubtedly the staples of a romantic and unforgettable Valentines’ Day. However, if you genuinely wish to show your bae how much she means to you, you should think about an elegant and creative gift. Here are some of the best Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend! 

Valentine’s Day Is Near

Firstly, this holiday is about celebrating love and romance. It’s the perfect day for couples! Valentine’s Day can warm your heart during a cold winter. You’ll always remember some passionate moments with your loved one from this gorgeous holiday!

Overall, it’s a celebration for all couples. The goal is to do something special. You can impress your partner with various actions and displays of affection. Even if the relationship is entirely new,  February 14 will undoubtedly be an important day. Your lady friend will remember your actions and words forever. Thus, it’s best to provide her with

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What makes a gift the best gift?

Giving a gift is something special as you are giving someone a token of love. If you give a good gift, they will always remember you through it. Don’t we all cherish some gifts that we received in our life? We do. So, when we are choosing a gift for someone else we should always think about giving something that they will like. All of us have dealt with those unwanted gift vouchers that are of no use. Sometimes it is really hard to think of good gifts. We will help you out to find the best gifts and the person will be thankful towards you.

Tips for choosing the best gift:

  • Brainstorm: Giving a gift is not just a casual thing. The gift actually bears an impression of you even when the gift is for a child. So, you will need to put your brain to use when

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Non-Material Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Are you tired of purchasing endless gift sets or looking for the next best, most expensive thing that will only be interesting for a short while? You don’t have to think about any of that anymore!

Here we have a list of amazing non-material gifts for your wife. What could that mean? It means you’ll be giving your wife new memories or helping her learn new or hone old skills. These are the gifts that keep on giving. 

We are giving you some thoughtful ideas for gifts that your wife will look back to and appreciate way more than any materialistic thing you can find.

Experiences vs. Material Things

Did you notice how people usually go for materialistic gifts? No matter the occasion, people are always racing to get the most expensive thing. Why is that? 

We’re not saying things aren’t valuable — they certainly are, and some can hold

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The Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Engaged

Finding the perfect engagement gift for a married couple to be is no easy task. There are a few factors that go into it, such as: is it really useful; is it going to be fun; is it affordable. And that is only the engagement gift! You still need to give them something on their wedding day too!

Many things would make an excellent gift, but which one should you choose? Which one would they want to own? How would you go about finding a unique and wonderful engagement gift that is also practical? Hopefully, this article will answer these questions.

Engagement Is Just the Beginning of a Long Journey

Preparing for the big day can be quite a stressful endeavor for both the bride and groom to be. A lot goes into it: from the venue, dress, suit, cake, reception, all the way to music and tiny details we

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The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Boyfriend

February is edging closer, and everyone’s in a hurry, trying to find the perfect gift for their lovers. Well, it’s nothing new. Every year we have the same old story about young lovers confused with what their sweetie’s going to like. Everyone is trying to be clever and original — it’s touching!

It’s great seeing people care for their other halves, bringing some joy and showing them they care. So how does an average person find the best gifts for men? What’s so cool, original, but not flashy that no one else has thought of?

Well, it’s kind of an all-around question, we’d say.

Don’t worry; it’s not like you’re trying to find a cure for cancer. There’s always room for an honest mistake, and there is no need to pull your hair, fuming for great gift ideas. We’re here to help — relax!

Things to Consider When Buying a

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